Central Avenue median before MAC

From the 2.20.13 edition




By Jack Durham

Press Editor & Reporter


The McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee (McMAC) may take a position on the county’s proposal to build a raised median strip on Central Avenue between School and Hiller roads.

McKMAC.websiteThe McKMAC meets at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 27 at the Azalea Conference Center at McKinleyville Middle School, 2275 Central Avenue. The building is located at the back of the campus.

The McKMAC is scheduled to review the county’s proposal and may vote to either support or not support the project.

County Public Works has received $800,000 in funding for the proposed median, which would be built from School Road to Hiller Road. The main impetus for the project is to reduce accidents on Central Avenue, which is the most-traveled and most-accident-prone road in the county’s system.

The median would include dedicated left-hand-turn lanes. Landscaping would be an option if McKinleyville is willing to pay for the maintenance,

Also at next week’s meeting, the McKMAC will continue a discussion about the county Planning Department’s proposal to rezone properties for high-density apartments.

The last item on the agenda is a request from Fifth District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg to have the McKMAC sponsor a “State of McKinleyville” community meeting.



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3 responses to “Central Avenue median before MAC

  1. evan

    I don’t see how the MAC can offer a vote either way if the drawings have not yet been widely released to the public for review and comment. Do you have a drawing of the proposed median Jack? Thanks. Evan

  2. Anonymous

    I haven’t seen any drawings. You make an excellent point.

  3. jackdurham

    Whoops. That was me posting. I forgot to log in.

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