More details on fatal collision

From the CHP:

On 01/21/2013 at approximately 6:25 PM, William Wolf, age 52, of Mckinleyville, was driving his 2010 Kia Forte northbound on US 101, south of the Sunset Overcrossing in the #1 lane at approximately 65 MPH. Party #2, (name withheld pending notification of next of kin) was wearing dark clothing and for an unknown reason was crossing US-101 from east to west. Mr. Wolf suddenly saw the male pedestrian directly in front of his vehicle and was unable to react in time to avoid a collision. The front of Mr. Wolf’s vehicle then struck the pedestrian. The pedestrian suffered fatal injuries as a result of the collision.

This collision is still under investigation by the California Highway Patrol.



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3 responses to “More details on fatal collision

  1. Fnord

    Highway 101 through Arcata needs several underground tunnel crossings. They make these for frogs, crabs and other migrating wildlife in various countries. The feral migrating human population deserves as much. We can’t expect them to use the sky crossings that regular people use.

    • Have some respect, a man died last night. Dehumanizing him because he crossed the highway is disrespectful and disgusting. If this had been you, I’m sure your family and friends would appreciate people with your nasty opinions keeping their mouths shut out of respect for their grief and loss.

  2. Fnord

    Salty, I proposed a real solution that would have saved this person’s life. So stick your mislaid hatred elsewhere. Stop trolling.

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