RAMBLING AROUND TOWN: We need to stop futzing around and get this skate park built

From the 1.9.13 Opinion page

By Jack Durham

Press Editor & Reporter

The first meeting of the McKinleyville Skate Park Organization, before the group even had a name, was held in the McKinleyville Press office about a dozen years ago. We got together and declared our intent to build a park right here in McKinleyville. We were enthusiastic and it seemed like our vision would become a reality within a short amount of time.

ramblingbox.But the years went by and nothing happened. Sure, we raised a little money and created a design, but that’s about it. The young skaters who enthusiastically attended those first meetings grew up and moved away. They never got their skate park. People came and went from the organization. The leadership changed many times. The last skate park committee meeting I attended was about a decade ago.

The McKinleyville Skate Park Organization is still toiling away today, with a small, committed group of volunteers who are keeping the dream alive. They’re slowly raising funds and hoping, against all odds, to build the park.

But there’s a problem. A big problem.

The design for the skate park is estimated to cost from $400,000 to $500,000 for phase one.  Meanwhile, the MSPO has raised about $40,000. That’s a lot of clams, but not even close to what’s needed to build a park. At the current rate of fund raising, it will take about a century to raise the half million dollars needed to build a skate park. By the time that money is raised, we’ll all be dead. That plan sucks, don’t you agree?

So let’s change the plan. This is going to require some radical thinking. Here is what we need to do:

Take the existing design for the McKinleyville Skate Park, roll it up and put it in a cardboard tube. Insert a stick of dynamite. Light the fuse, Run like hell and never look back.

Convene a special meeting of the McKinleyville Recreation Advisory Committee. On the agenda: Plan for building a skate park in McKinleyville. The committee needs to start with a budget. How much money is available for the skate park? The McKinleyville Community Services District has access to what are called Quimby Funds. This is money, paid by developers, dedicated to parks improvements. The MCSD could afford to dedicate at least $25,000 in Quimby Funds towards a skate park, or maybe even $50,000. If the McKinleyville Skate Park Organization wants to participate, it could chip in its $40,000, which would give the district from $65,000 to $90,000 for a skate park. The Recreation Committee could then design a skate park around this budget, get approval from the McKinleyville Community Services District Board of Directors and have the park built at Pierson Park.

Construction could begin this summer. Theoretically. Actually, with the death of McKinleyville Community Services District Manager Norman Shopay, district staff is overloaded with work right now. So building a skate park six months from now is probably asking too much. Maybe we could begin the design work and plan on breaking ground in the summer of 2014.

But.. but.. but… what about that wonderful half-million-dollar skate park design created by the Tony Hawk Foundation? What about its awesomeness? Why can’t we have a Cadillac skate park?

That design is a beautiful dream, but we don’t have the money for it.

Maybe we could include some of its design elements in the new budget-conscious skate park plan. Maybe we can envision our new skate park as “Phase 1,” with additional elements added at a later date, when funds become available and pigs fly.

Either way, let’s get this thing done. This is going to require leadership. That leadership needs to come from the McKinleyville Community Services District, not the non-profit McKinleyville Skate Park Organization (MSPO).

No offense to the MSPO. It’s a great group of volunteers. But they don’t have the time or resources to build the skate park themselves. They need help. The MCSD can get this done.

Hopefully, the MSPO will be amenable to the idea of building a smaller, more modest skate park at Pierson Park. The $40,000 they’ve raised would go a long way towards realizing the dream.

But what if the MSPO sticks with its half-million-dollar design? Then it’s time to move on. McKinleyville deserves skate park today, not 20 to 50 to 100 years from now.

Let’s build this thing. Now!

What are your thoughts? Email them to news@mckinleyvillepress.com.


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One response to “RAMBLING AROUND TOWN: We need to stop futzing around and get this skate park built

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Jack, I think you are on target with your analysis and opinion. We were of the same opinion back ten years ago when the park was proposed. Jason and I tried to convince the kids and (leaders) that we were quite willing to pave the area south of the Sherriff’s station and pool our money and buy above ground structures that could be useable in 90 days and could be done for about $80,000. The structures would need to be placed underneath a shed during rainy weather to protect the wood, but they were immediately available. The skate group wanted nothing to do with the idea. They insisted on a full blown concrete park with deep bowls that cost then over $25.00 per sqare foot. The MCSD did committ $25,000.00 to the project but doubted the Tony Hawk concept would ever happen due to the cost. We were in the middle of constructing the Hiller Park Sports Complex and had our hand full. Sadly, the kids could have had a park that summer if a more rational approach could have prevailed. Maybe now, they might be more receptive of the idea. I don’t know if the group is even active any more. Thanks for the article.

    Tom Marking

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