BREAKING NEWS: New federal courthouse to be built in McKinleyville

A new federal courthouse will be built at the Airport Business Park in McKinleyville. More details to come…



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8 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: New federal courthouse to be built in McKinleyville

  1. Anonymous

    thanks jack

  2. PrairieMack

    Finally putting the “business park to use…” Sounds really convenient for everyone in Eureka.

  3. otis

    Why not? Out government borrows $41 for every tax dollar collected. The Postal Service is bankrupt. We have a delusional president that thinks he’s king and spends other peoples money like a drunken sailor. What’s not to like?

    • Gabe

      Otis is right: its a drunken sailor problem! Storm the low lying bars and ships-in-port, lock up all wool-wearing, barnacle-infested, cheap booze-swillers. We’ll rid ourselves of this seafaring scourge tonight! Land Lovers UNITE!

  4. "Henchman Of Justice"

    Wow, 5 comments on zero information other than a federal pork project. Must be an attempt to justify the very existence of the airport, let alone the business park which has taken years to find tenants.

    Ok then, Humboldt County just became a higher percentage of government employment, while the private sector was reduced yet again in its foundation. Is it possible for whole cities OR COUNTIES to be NEAR exclusive government employment opportunities? If so, Humboldt has more than one candidate city, aside from the county.

    Anyhow, what does a new court building signal? How about that too many people are in the court system for bullshit reasons and those public employee citizens making a career off false arrests, conjured-up crimes are part of the problem, not the solution! The legal system “stretches shit out to defraud those in the system” in order to build support for the police state.

    Agenda 21 here we come baby. Look at how many local “know-it-alls regarding the GPU process” did not find out about birth rate conspiracies within the GPU until way late in the game. Stupid mfer’s at times, but out for their own kind, really! – HOJ

  5. The Doc

    Right on, the cost of housing will rise, the cost goes up, and the Sub-Human Meth Trash will have to get out. HORRAY!

  6. "Henchman Of Justice"

    The Doc likes to pay higher taxes too (government operated facilities cost taxes to operate) because the actual users of the services don’t actually pay for the services rendered, but then again, the Doc ain’t so sincere if the Doc is well-paid by ripping off his/her patients with high medical services costs or failed services in order to own a higher costing home; so what the Doc says is irrelevant. So, for The Doc, it is easy to say to those without money making scams to “just get out”. All patients should “audio record their medical visits” because doctors frame reports falsely just like the cops do. Live and learn folks, live and learn.

    Also, doubt there exists the number of meth trash in McKinleyville as exists in Eureka, just saying tweaker excuses don’t really work much in Mack Town except for an occasional bike used in a theft.

    More services = more tweakers though, odd? – HOJ

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