Trinidad ditches idea to build mini-roundabout

From the 12.26.12 edition


By Jack Durham

Press Editor & Reporter


Concerned about the visual blight that would come from all the signs, the Trinidad City Council has decided to ditch the idea of installing a mini-roundabout at the intersection in front of the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse.

The council was slated Dec. 12 to consider whether to pay GHD consultants $5,000 to study the idea, The city had received the money through the Humboldt County Association of Governments (HCAOG).

The council has received complaints of speeding vehicles at the intersection of Trinity and Edwards streets. A mini-roundabout was viewed as a possible solution.

A mini-roundabout is smaller than a regular, full-size roundabout like the ones on Guintoli Lane in Arcata. The minis typically don’t include a raised surface. Instead, the surface is painted on the street with signs and arrows directing traffic.

Given the number of signs that would be required near the roundabout, and the uncertainty over whether the area was even large enough for a roundabout, the council decided to forgo the idea.

The money will be returned to HCAOG.



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3 responses to “Trinidad ditches idea to build mini-roundabout

  1. Just sayin'

    Good. Roundabouts have no place in tourist areas. They actually put a roundabout on Highway 101 near Clear Lake. It, and the two on Giuntoli, are dangerous. They are dangerous because too many drivers are unfamiliar with them, choosing to barrel through them without yielding to cars in the circle.

    The vast majority of traffic accidents in roundabouts are not tracked by local government or CalTrans because police are not summoned to most accident scenes. The CHP is unlikely to go to an accident scene unless the road is blocked or there are fatalities, and CalTrans uses CHP incident reports to gauge road safety. You could have a roundabout producing an absurdly high volume of non-fatal accidents and in the government’s eyes, the roundabout would be safe.

    • "Henchman Of Justice"

      Are you the same person that commented on Scott Baker’s letter regarding a round-a-bout on Central and Murray in McKinleyville?

      If so, whose comment did you read in order to adjust your Baker response to this response?

      As far as CHP, your information seems skewed since CHP usually shows-up whenever 911 is called or they drive by an accident scene REGARDLESS of whether road is blocked or not, injuries/fatalities or not. If vehicle insurance is involved, reports are usually desired by the motorists affected, either or both parties. To drive away from an accident is apparantly not so cool with CHP officers as they must “track-down” drivers to make a report. Yet, HOJ can agree that law enforcement (all agencies) seem to be all-over-the-map with how they explain WHEN people should call for their assistance….it seems they pull bunny rabbits outta the hat on scene depending on who it is they must serve or not as first responders. Politics on the scene is involved too, which is social treason committed by the agency employee officer. If they show-up, a report must be taken, period. When reports are not taken, it is a cover-up by the agency in some capacity. All actions must be reported, period. Are all actions reported? Hell No!

      What you suggest and what HOJ has been a part of and witnessed others is night and day different which suggests that either one of us are wrong, CHP has rogue officers or that CHP has officers whom were all trained differently and don’t respond to the same things………CHP is not nearly as corrupt as the County Sheriff Department, but that is a whole other issue.

      Just sayin’…… – HOJ

  2. lostit

    Trinidad needs to get its police force back, they actually think the sherrif is giving the town a proper representative in time and resources…?

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