It’s a McKChristmas McKMiracle!

Well, maybe not exactly a miracle, but it was pretty cool last Friday when a group of volunteers put the McKinleyville Community Christmas Tree back up after it was toppled by high winds a few days earlier. A call for volunteers went out on the McKinleyville Press Facebook page. One hour later there were more than half a dozen volunteers gathered to put the tree back up.


It turned out to be a much more difficult task than the volunteers first imagined. The tree was heavy and water laden. Raw manpower alone couldn’t lift it.



So a block and tackle system was used to get the tree upright, It took several tries and 45 minutes of work, but the job got done.


Pictured from left are Matt Marak, Wade Smith, Mark Perkins, Erin Mikolai and David Haley. All but Smith are employees of Cabinets by Andy, which sent over a crew with equipment, including power tools to screw the base of the tree back down onto the platform.

There were other volunteers, but I didn’t get all their names.

The tree is a little battered and has a slight Charlie Brown quality to it, but it’s still beautiful. Maybe even a little more beautiful when you think about it.

– Jack



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10 responses to “It’s a McKChristmas McKMiracle!

  1. LOL

    Plaudits for the do-gooder tree rescuers.

    Frowns for the person who chose a bipolar lighting scheme for the tree.

  2. Rachelle

    Great job getting the tree back up! Is is an extremely difficult task each year, it takes around 5 men to lift the tree each year and it takes lots of time putting the lights on it! The tree doesn’t look that big until you attempt to put it up! Thanks to all of you who volunteered to put the tree back up, the Mckinleyville Chamber looks forward to this tree lighting each year and were bummed when the weather caused it to come down a few days too early! We sure do live in an amazing community!

  3. Jen

    Not to be a Scrooge or anything, but it’s kind of comical the things people think are such a big deal, think of how many people’s houses are leaking, property is damaged, fires are happening because of faulty old chimneys, starving children in Africa for that matter, wheres the good samaritans there??? and all we can write about is a big tree that was knocked over by the wind? Not to mention the tree looks ridiculous with the two tone lights!? What’s up with that? Anyways, not meaning to have all the negativity, it just seems so petty to write about it!

    • Anonymous

      Jen, I actually Agree with you.
      Although I do think it was nice for them to put the TACKY tree back in place, I dont think it was this huge deal that needed to be printed out for everyone…who cares!
      There are other things in life people should be more considerate about.

  4. jackdurham

    Seems like in almost every issue of the McK Press we have stories about good Samaritans helping various causes. Sometimes they’re extremely important causes like feeding people, etc. Sometimes they’re little causes, like making the town prettier, or just a happier place.

    Personally, I think we should focus on BOTH the big things and the little things. The little things help improve quality of life. Like the dude who plants flowers near the Hammond Trail just south of Hiller Road. Those flowers really add to quality of life, at least for some of us. Other people probably don’t care.

    I like the tree. Sure, if I was in charge of decorating it, I might do something different. But I didn’t volunteer for that job, so it seems like I’d be kind of a dickhead to complain about it. I’m sure the chamber would be happy to have me do the decorations myself next year, but I have other priorities. Since I’m not going to step up to the plate, I’ll let the volunteer decorators do whatever they like. My two cents. – Jack

  5. Hmm

    Jen, I’d be far more concerned if the tree remained down and nobody put it back up.

    Some parts of McKinleyville are sorely lacking in community pride, or any sense of shame. Look at the fence blown down in School Road. Sections of the fence have completely blocked the sidewalk for a week now on a moderately busy road. Why hasn’t the owner at least moved them, or lifted them into place until they can be secured? Even a renter should have pride to do basic maintenance, clean up the mess on his property. We’re not talking about an elderly owner who can’t lift the fence to lean it against the metal posts already in the ground. And no, the inhabitants of that house haven’t been on vacation. The same goes for people who leave graffiti on their fences, never painting over it.

    Hey, a decorated tree fell down. Rather than leave it there sideways, some people got together and fixed it. Good.

  6. Anonymous

    Jen, maybe in the time you spent bitching, you could have said or done something nice for somebody. It’s Christmas for Christ’s sake. Rather than complaining and worrying about what other people do to help out the community, just do what you are interested in and keep your negativity to yourself. We are fortunate to have a local paper and an editor who actually gives a shit about the town.

    Merry Christmas!

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