LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Roundabout should be considered for Murray/Central intersection

From the 12.19.12. edition



The Public Works Department of the County of Humboldt is proposing to install a stop light at the intersection of Murray Road and Central Avenue in McKinleyville. Not only can the installation b costly, but continuing maintenance will be required.

Sometime ago I contacted the Public Works Department with the idea of installing a roundabout at this location. I didn’t receive a credible answer as to why it would not work. With a roundabout, the only real cost is the initial installation. Very little if any maintenance is required. There appears to be sufficient right-of-way for its installation.

The county installed a roundabout at the intersection of Indianola and Old Arcata Road at it seems to be functioning. The City of Arcata has installed a roundabout at each end of Guintoli Lane overcrossing. Guintoli Lane has one of the highest traffic volumes in the city. As of date, there hasn’t to my knowledge, been any problems with traffic or pedestrian circulation.

I’m aware of the pros and cons regarding roundabouts, but I believe they should be considered and discussed.

Scott R. Baker





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6 responses to “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Roundabout should be considered for Murray/Central intersection

  1. "Henchman Of Justice"

    Scott Baker,

    Maybe you asked your question AFTER the PW’s design phase and funding source phases were already analysed, completed or near completion.

    Anyhow, great Idea you have with a round-a-bout at that location. The only problem thus far apparant would be that the size of the round-a-bout would have to allow for the biggest equipment driven on the road (gas station, mini storage, school buses, etc… maybe land purchases need some attention for ROW clearances, dunno.

    Meeting tonight at 5:00 pm, MCSD administrative building. You seem to always have good ideas, hope you can make the meeting! – HOJ

  2. Huh

    I use the Guintoli Lane roundabouts twice a day and I dread them. Placing roundabouts in an area with a high volume of tourist traffic was a monumentally dumb idea. I’ve had near-collisions on numerous occasions when cars enter without yielding to me while I’m already in the roundabout. And sometimes they honk, look confused, or give me the finger.

    My question for a Murray/Central intersection is… what problem is it attempting to solve? Traffic isn’t especially thick at that end of town.

  3. I HATE roundabouts, go out of my way to avoid them.

  4. "Henchman Of Justice"

    Round-a-bouts –> agree and disagree with Huh and Julie.

    Round-a-bouts have helped in Guintoli Lane area. Sure, there exists numbskulls (especially elderly and handi-capped drivers). The elderly, well, they are typically too old to care or understand since most of their driving life never included “round-a-bouts”. Further, the freeway offramps don’t get long lines of backed-up vehicles like prior to the round-a-bout improvements. Additionally, they cost less, do not need electricity to control traffic, etc…

    There are those drivers who “try to jump the gun” thinking that when another vehicle is in the round-a-bout, that the vehicle will turn-off rather than keep looping around.

    If you are in the round-a-bout already, you have the right-of-way. If a jerk pulls out in front of you, just ram into them, don’t brake or do any maneuver.

    Accidents teach poor drivers punishments through their financial losses and insurance rate increases. Don’t spare jerk-off drivers, just t-bone ’em! To date, no information regarding death rates or major injuries within round-a-bout uses. – HOJ

  5. It is interesting to read the comments from drivers which seem to be mixed on using round-a-bouts. AS for the perspective of pedestrians especially those like me who are visually impaired round-a-bouts pose safety concerns. Did you know there are two bus stops near this intersection? Most of us bus passengers walk to the bus stop. We just got our first verbal pedestrian signal at Central Avenue and Pickett Road I hope pedestrians don’t have to take a step backward by having to cross a round-a-bout.

  6. jackdurham

    Doug, I appreciate your recent guest opinion and your comments. We need input from the low vision community. Some of your thoughts on these topics are things the rest of us never think about. Keep them coming! Cheers – Jack

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