Meeting Saturday about Strawberry Rock timber harvest

I’ll have to dig through our archives. I don’t recall when it was, but a year or two or three ago we had an article about Green Diamond’s timber cutting plans for its property near Strawberry Rock in Trinidad. The company owns the timberland and every so often it cuts trees.

Some people, however, would like to preserve the area near Strawberry Rock and turn it into a preserve. I think the story today is the same as the one we previously printed.

Anywho, here’s an email I received. I can’t speak to its accuracy in any way. It is what it is. See below – Jack

Here is an email sent to me by Jack Nounnan:

It’s this Saturday’s . . .
being together in this moment of preserving our future!
Strawberry Rock’s Surrounding Forests
Are being clear-cut

Meeting For Taking Action
Sat. Dec. 15, 2 – 4
Westhaven Community Service District
453 6th Ave. Westhaven,
Just off Westhaven Drive

We’re talking about Green Diamond, an old logging company that has justified clear-cutting whole forests up and down the Pacific coast, owning massive amounts of our land in what amounts to an already over-logged tree farming plantation! We have our hands full in even stopping them from turning the area around Strawberry rock locally into a wasteland, with precious habitat never part of their accounting! It’s a corporation mind-set that more caring people are being so rudely awakened to. . . .in realizing that if we don’t stand up to such Earth destructive measures, who will?

it’s our paradise, this gem in our midst. . . to nurture and preserve

Together we can do some amazing things with all our collaborating skills and insights needed for organizing a solid community group.

If you’re coming from the south, as you approach Trinidad take the Westhaven exit and wind on up to the top of that first hill and immediately turn left on 6th Ave and on down to the fire station, next to the bus stop about a quarter of a mile.

Friends Of Trinidad Forests And Sacred Sites

We’re all needed for spreading the word and doing what we can to help in saving such natural wonders. Every bit of our efforts, no matter how little, can make the difference.

We mean to turn this entire area into a State Preserve
and you can be part of this effort,
something your children will thank and admire you for.

Forest Defenders
Trinidad Tree Sit
For further info: Abe Brower 707-845-1643


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  1. unanonymous

    oh I think you could speak to its inaccurracy, I mean you do live here don’t you?

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