Trinidad to consider mini-roundabout near Memorial Lighthouse

From the 12.12.12 issue


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By Jack Durham

Press Editor


The Trinidad City Council may decide tonight, Dec. 12 whether to study the idea of a mini-roundabout at the intersection of Trinity and Edwards streets. The council meets at 7 p.m. at Trinidad Town Hall, 409 Trinity Street.

A min-roundabout is smaller than a regular, full-size roundabout and doesn’t typically include a raised surface. Instead, the surface is painted on the street, with signage and arrows directing traffic.

The city has received $5,000 through the Humboldt County Association of Governments which it can use to study the idea.

At tonight’s meeting, the council will discuss the proposal and may decide whether to the GHD consultants to study the feasibility of building the mini-roundabout.

Also at tonight’s meeting, the Councilwoman Julie Fulkerson will be sworn in for a second term, and the council will vote on a proclamation honoring outgoing Councilman Mike Morgan for his service on the council.

The council will select a mayor and mayor pro tem, and appoint councilmembers to various boards and commissions.

The council may reject a claim filed against the city by the Tsurai Ancestral Society, and may consider the city’s health care benefits it provides to dependents of employees.



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3 responses to “Trinidad to consider mini-roundabout near Memorial Lighthouse

  1. Local Fish Bio

    Just make sure there’s enough room for trailered boats to manuver around it!

  2. I agree with Local Fish Bio as long as you make the road wide enough and have good signage that helps things run smoothly this should be a fine move.

  3. Jason brisker

    I have lived north of Trinidad for 35 years. I do not want to see the approach to the memorial light house changed. Besides the fact there is not enough room for the large trucks and motor homes that need to get to the dock and the beach to go around it. If this is just a need to spend money then there are a lot more important things that Trinidad needs than a round about there.

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