Student injured after being struck by car

From the 12.12.12 edition



By Jack Durham

Press Editor


A McKinleyville Middle School sixth grader walking to school received minor injuries Thursday morning, Dec. 6 after being hit by a slow-moving car.

A woman was driving her children to school at about 8 a.m. when the student stepped out into the roadway at the corner of Railroad Drive and McKinleyville Avenue. The driver, traveling at about 20 mph, didn’t see the student and he was struck.

Emergency personnel responded and transported the child to Mad River Community Hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries including a broken wrist, scrapes and scratches. He was released later in the day.

McKinleyville Union School District Superintendent Michael Davies-Hughes emailed a note to parents informing them about the accident.

According to the superintendent, the MMS principal arrived at the scene of the accident shortly after it happened.

“MMS Interim Principal Julie Giannini-Previde arrived on the scene shortly thereafter and reported to me that the child’s injuries appeared minor. Emergency personnel were quickly on scene and attended to the child’s immediate medical needs before transporting him to Mad River Hospital for further evaluation and treatment. Ms. Giannini-Previde was able to visit with the child and his parent at the hospital. According to Ms. Giannini-Previde he is expected to be released later today – and we are relieved at this news. This accident is a sobering reminder that we all need to take some time to speak with our children regarding pedestrian safety in navigating our local streets and roads. Thank you for your attention,” the superintendent wrote.


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