Controversial Housing Plan Approved

From the 12.12.12 edition


By Daniel Mintz

Press Staff Writer


The target of multiple lawsuits and a trigger of public discontent, the county’s Housing Element has final achieved an elusive goal – a final approval from the state.

The element is a five-year housing plan that demonstrates to the state how local housing needs will be met. Its approval has followed a twisted path that has included legal challenges and state de-certification.

A multifamily rezoning program that mostly focuses on McKinleyville and Cutten has been controversial and subject to state requests for revisions. Overdue and approved by supervisors in a series of down-to-the-wire hearings, the element and its rezoning plan was shipped off to the state as the county was accused of violating environmental review laws and grossly mis-stating the amount of land available for residential development.

A Dec. 5 county press release announced what planning officials have long pursued: a state finding that the five-year plan is in “full compliance with state housing element law.”

The press release quotes from a letter to the county from Glen Campora, the assistant deputy director of the state’s Department of Housing and Community Development, which informs that “the county now meets specific requirements for several state funding programs designed to reward local governments for compliance with state housing element law.”

Board of Supervisors Chairman Virginia Bass is quoted in the release and she notes the county’s struggles in the approval process.

“Obviously, we are pleased with the State’s determination,” she said. “The county has gone through significant challenges to meet the requirements of state law.  We certainly have more work to do, but I am excited to focus on the challenge of actually getting housing constructed.”



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3 responses to “Controversial Housing Plan Approved

  1. Who is awake?

    Will Virginia Bass hope that her children and grandchildren will live in the new “developments”? Will she move into one? Does she know how much available housing is already available in this county? Is she such a fucking bold priss that nobody has the balls to look her in the eye and call her out on such blatant pandering to the developers who financed her election?

  2. Who is awake?

    How about the McKinleyville Press publish a poll addressed to the permanent residents of McKinleyville: Are you aware of the degree to which county supervisors plan to croud your neighborhood? Are you aware of how much pollution and dillution of your tap water will be forced unto you, all for the sole benefit of our county supervisors and their financial sponsers?

  3. "Henchman Of Justice"


    So Supervisor Sunderg is against development because McKinleyville has “grown too fast and too large – I’ve seen it, we have all seen it…”. That was Supe Sundberg’s campaign message on development, even though his campaign was partly funded by “bigtime” developers.

    Then, McKinleyville school boards create things like Measure “C”, CAB’s, etc… that need development to increase in order to pay-off the debts owed to the world banker whores.

    So, for no less than one acting supervisor, in one hand, anti-development, but in the other hand, support the school boards decisions on Measure “C” and CAB’s to increase development.

    This is how the information gets connected, historical statements and actions. – HOJ

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