How I moderate comments

Basically, I swing a machete around willy nilly, slashing comments that I think are in poor taste or include unwarranted personal attacks on people. If the commenters are anonymous, I put very little thought into the process. If you’re anonymous, I figure you might be a troll living in your mother’s basement in Philadelphia with no connection whatsoever to Humboldt, so why respect your anonymous drivel? And even if you live in Humboldt, why worry about someone who doesn’t put their real name on their comments?

On the other hand, if you’re a real person and you use your real name, then you deserve an explanation as to why your comments were slashed. I feel I should, at the very least, justify by actions. Send me an email and I’ll be happy to explain why I cut your comment. We can discuss it. Maybe you’ll be able to show me the error of my ways, and I’ll change my mind and allow your comments.

In a matter of weeks this entire blog will redirect you to a new, kick-ass McK Press website with all sorts of news content. So stay tuned!



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11 responses to “How I moderate comments

  1. "Henchman Of Justice"

    Thanks Jack, It is nice to know HOJ causes so much ansy behavior by journalists whom make attempts to censor facts and truth because they support the perpetrators that vicitmize members of the community, which, by the way, the community loses each and every individual it injures and damages. To simply disallow communication, discussion and knowledge is to cover-up in favor of suppressing the facts and truth about someone Jack really likes.

    What Jack really meant to write is he censors just like Hank and Kym at LOCO, the Herald and others – it is not always the content!

    It is ALSO WHOM “that which is discussed”. Hey Jack, your Shopay pieces have yet to get one positive comment other than by you times three.

    Jack, you are so polite that you care about HOJ’s feelings enough that you erase through censorship instead of letting all readers make their own choice as to whether HOJ (Jeffrey Lytle) is accurate or not, an ass or not, etc…

    Could it be Jack is well-connected to the MCSD current Board of Directors and is helping to cover-up a community abuser? Jack, your deceits, along with others whom work for you and along side you as private citizens and public employees/officials, burn bridges and increases negative karma!

    As a victim a week prior to his death, I said aloud to myself during my pains and anguishes that I wished Shopay would drive himself off the road dead, and he did. Karma serves justice! – HOJ

  2. jackdurham

    I deleted some of your comments because they were in poor taste and you’re not using your real name. I’m allowing some of the incoherent drivel to remain on here just fort shits and giggles. FYI. – Jack

    • "Henchman Of Justice"

      Thanks Jack, HOJ (Jeffrey Lytle) laughingly appreciates your insincere consideration of “free speech rights”. Negative Karma coming your way too Jack, be prepared! – HOJ

  3. "Henchman Of Justice"

    Wowza, as far as “new content being kick-ass”, hmm, it seems you need big stories and headlines because nary an “unconnected” humanoid visits your site currently because they know your a scammer Jack that slants the news and taints the informant! The Mckinleyville Press acts more like “a state run news outlet” and we all know how suppressed that news is! – HOJ

  4. "Henchman Of Justice"

    Jack, why did you openly respond to me outside of your rules about using e-mail to provide an explanation?

    Local journalist attacks upon HOJ (Jeffrey Lytle) is expected when local journalists can’t be trusted with their stories and claims because journalists cover-up abuses by the people local journalists support. – HOJ

  5. jackdurham

    Yes, Jeff, I’m like a state run media. I’m suppressing the facts as part of my quest for global domination. You’ve nailed me. – Jack

  6. TweeknGoodTimeBro

    Coward, is what you are. I spit on you shthead.

  7. jackdurham

    I’m not feelin’ the love. Come on, man, gimme a bro hug.

  8. 44 Magnums

    — I’ll shoot your disgusting meth crap head if you step an inch on my land scumbag. STAND UP AND FIGHT AGAINST TWEAKERS

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