Put your business on the map!

We’re printing a new McKinleyville street map, which will be part of a visitor’s guide. We’ll insert 2,000 copies in the McKinleyville Press, so every reader will get a free copy. We’ll donate 1,000 to the local schools. Each advertiser will get a stack of maps. The McKinleyville Chamber is acquiring maps to pass out at its office.

You need to book your ad space as soon as possible. There’s only so much room for ads on the map, so we could easily run out of space.



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2 responses to “Put your business on the map!

  1. "Henchman Of Justice"

    Wow, business and the economy must be really that bad. Good luck to all who feel this “promotion” will work to increase business sales significantly, even though HOJ doubts it will, especially for those business that come and go frequently, aside from a change in address/location. A feel good story though. “Free” generally seems to sell too. Is the street map a downloaded version from County Public Works and Planning? Just curious since those Two departments SHOULD have up-to-date mappings, if these mappings got filed properly, if at all. – HOJ

  2. jackdurham

    The fact that two businesses are printing a map is a sign that the economy is on the toilet? Hmm?

    BTW, this is not a county map. This is an original creation by North Coast Mapping Solutions. Thousands of people will see the advertisements on the map. The ads will be seen not just once, but many times over a period of years.

    About 14 years ago the McK Press printed a map. It’s still being used today. So the ads on that map have been viewed for 14 years. That’s a pretty good value.

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