New Mad River park still in the works

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By Jack Durham
Press Editor

McKinleyville is still in the process of trying to buy 33 acres of riverfront property for a new park. But before the McKinleyville Community Services District closes the deal it needs to make sure that there’s access to the property.
In April the MCSD agreed to pay Granite Construction $37,000 for the undeveloped property, located south of the intersection of North Bank Road and Azalea Avenue. The land is 200 feet south of North Bank Road. In between the roadway and the new park is a parcel owned by the County of Humboldt.
County Environmental Services Manager Hank Seeman wrote a letter to the MCSD stating that the county would be willing to give the MCSD an easement over its property, or consider selling the county parcel to the MCSD.
That process, however, could take months. At its meeting June 6, the MCSD Board of Directors voted to amend its sales agreement with Granite Construction, delaying the sale until the access issue is resolved.
The park includes a portion of the Mad River and could be used for swimming, kayaking and picnics.

(Warning: I was told some of the property lines on this map may not be accurate, but it gives you a general idea where the property is located. – Jack)



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2 responses to “New Mad River park still in the works

  1. Dan

    Any chance of a map? ‘south’ of the N.Bank and azalea intersection is not clear. I think of N. Bank Rd as running more east-west than north-south.

  2. jackdurham

    Map added. See the warning. Those parcel lines may not be accurate. – Jack

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