Occupiers leaving the courthouse?

By Jack Durham
Press Editor

Driving through Eureka the other day, I was thinking about how the best solution to the permanent pigsty in front of the courthouse should come from the Occupy protesters themselves.

It’s a naive idea, and overly optimistic. But that would be the ultimate solution. Maybe, just maybe, they would decide amongst themselves to keep things nice and tidy and be respectful to their fellow community members. I know, that’s a lot to ask for. But dare to dream.

Not only would this alleviate community complaints, but it would give the Occupy folks some credibility, which is something they’re missing.

That would be a far superior solution to any sort of ordinance, which on paper looks kind of draconian, while in reality doesn’t do anything at all. (The only impact of the current “urgency ordinance” appears to be economic stimulus for lawyers.)

I was thinking of this pie in the sky idea when I received an email from Janelle Egger, who filed a lawsuit against the county over the urgency ordinance.

In her email she writes “Occupy Eureka has left the Courthouse to work on a Eureka Fair Wage initiative.”

Holy crap! Is this true? Maybe the pigsty is over and we can go back to enjoying the Stalinesque architectural wonder known as the Pink Palace.

In the meantime, the Board of Supes meets at 9 a.m. Tuesday to discuss a “public assemblage” ordinance. Maybe they could just table the item and move on?



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3 responses to “Occupiers leaving the courthouse?

  1. Judith St.Claire

    What a concept – people getting together to resolve problems instead of to make them. We’ll see if it can happen. Also, never thought of the courthouse architecture as being Stalinesque. Got to think on that some more.

  2. Falling down barns have more architectural significance than the Humboldt County Courthouse. That is the ugliest building in the County

  3. The funny thing is – the people who have been sitting out in the cold, freezing rain, day and night, enduring all manner of hardship – for FREE – would never work that hard for any employer, would file suit against said employer for even minor impositions of discomfort or extra hours, or perceived injustice, now want TWELVE BUCKS AN HOUR for their time. Which, if you think about it – is why they had all this time on their hands in the first place.

    Would you hire one?

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