Pony Express Days 2012

Next week the McKinleyville Press will print its 16th annual Pony Express Days edition. Make sure you pick up a copy. Meanwhile, we’re posting a few things here so you can plan ahead.

Here is the poster:

The Pony Express Days Parade starts at 11 a.m. Saturday, June 2. It begins at the high school, makes its way south down Central Avenue and ends at the Mill Creek Marketplace. Grab some folding chairs and find a spot along Central Avenue to watch. You are hereby warned that streets will be closed to make way for the parade. You should plan for this. If you live in McKinleyville, this is a good day to use your bicycle. During the parade you’ll be able to get around town much more quickly than people in cars.

Here’s the road closure notice:

Someone will inevitably ask “Why does McKinleyville celebrate Pony Express Days? Don’t those idiots know that the Pony Express never came to Humboldt” WHOA THERE COWBOY! Take it easy. There’s a very logical reason why its called Pony Express Days. In the coming edition there’s an article about the history of Pony Express Days. Everything will be explained.

Here’s the first Pony Express Day Committee, as pictured in a 1968 edition of The Arcata Union:

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Here are some advertisements from businesses that help keep the Mckinleyville Press alive:


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