Adopt a fuzzy friend

This week’s paper was really tight. We had too much material and not enough space. Unfortunately, the report from the Humboldt County Animal Shelter didn’t make it, so here it is:

By Jean Durbin
Shelter Correspondent

There are so many good choices for a new companion for here at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter in McKinleyville.
All our kids would love to be in a cozy forever home and as soon as possible! Some have waited a very long time for a special friend that they can share their love and devotion with. These “long termers,” and all the older ones here, need to find a wonderful home soon. Please think about adopting one of our kids who has already been waiting for a good human friend for a long time.. they need you to give them a chance and they will give you so much in return!
The County Shelter is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; it is closed Saturday and Sunday and County Holidays and is located at 980 Lycoming Avenue, between Airport Road and the Coast Guard Station in McKinleyville. Phone 840-9132. All County Shelter animals can be seen on the web at,, and
Please visit the County Shelter today and meet our pooches and kitties at greatest risk of being put to sleep because they’ve been here so long….you may find a life to save!
You can find more pictures and information on our County Shelter animals by checking out the Facebook Page managed by volunteers and friends of the Shelter. You can either search for Humboldt County Animal Shelter Facebook or use this link:

BABY: Well-behaved, mellow, happy-go-lucky young adult girl, she is looking for love and gentle companionship. She takes treats so gently and is very submissive. Beautiful golden brown brindle, she’s a winner in so many ways. She has nice leash manners, as well. For a fine family pet or just all around constant companion, she can’t be beat! In an unstable household previously, give her a great new home and she will return your love and devotion a thousand-fold!

MARIO: This perky boy is very intelligent and smart! He loves to retrieve the ball and drop it for another toss. He lives to play and be doing things; comes from being a Border Collie type! Gregarious, irrepressible and only a year old, Mario is ready to find someone who wants to share his or her active life with an active, very smart, affectionate, cute pooch. Come meet him and find out what a great guy he is! This nice boy has been waiting so long to find his forever home; we are amazed by his resilience and patience with shelter life. A special friend of Mario’s is sponsoring his adoption to a great home by providing a portion of his adoption fee. Don’t let this fine boy get away!

GRACIE: This is a real sparkler of a girl who LOVES to play fetch! Athletic and eager, she will jump clear off the ground to get the ball. Her gray muzzle suggests a possibly older dog, but her teeth and liveliness suggest she could be younger; if she’s an older girl, she’s in fabulous condition! Gracie is very focused on play and doesn’t fawn all over humans. We think she’s a mix of lab (and they love to play) and Dutch Shepherd (they don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves). Gracie is a beautiful girl, in great health and spirits, and full of fun. She has a lot of years left to bring joy and companionship to someone who treasures her. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy her delightful personality and soul!

GEORGIE: He has an appealing personality and he’s able to fit into a variety of situations. He’s about 6 years old but still pretty spunky and playful. He loves to play fetch and race around with other dogs, trying to keep them from getting his toy. Well-mannered, he listens well, is very responsive and comes when he’s called. He definitely wants to please and have fun with a devoted human friend. He’s a handsome boy dressed in a golden tan and white shorter coat. Great on leash, knows some commands and loves to learn. He likes lovely Star, his long-time girlfriend who he came in with. They would be a wonderful couple to adopt together.

BARKLEY: A handsome, cute, playful, gentle, cheerful young lad a bit under a year old. He’s ready to find someone who wants a fine companion for a dozen years or more; someone to enjoy a life together filled with fun, doing things, going places, play, just hanging out. He’s a Heeler/Pit mix with a short coat and nice markings. He loves to play with other dogs; he had a great time on a recent sunny day having a blast with his teen friends. If you’ve been looking for a responsive, quick learning, younger boy to make your life complete, meet this young gentleman!

PENNY: Peppy, playful, petite, pretty pocket Pitty girl who is looking for a perfect place to call home. She’s a young adult, about 2 years old. Dressed in a copper-brown and white short coat, she’s got a lot to offer
someone who wants a smaller companion and likes the “bully” breeds. Penny just needs a home where she’s given stability, devotion, closeness and some loving training to make her life complete. She’s very attentive and
loves to learn new things. And, she does love her people and her playtime!



HANDSOME GUYS LOOKING FOR YOU! Buster, Orsen These two sweet, happy gentlemen have found themselves homeless and are eager to have a new loving home for the rest of their lives. Both are very affectionate and will be so grateful for a home that suits them to a ‘T’. Lap-loving handsome Buster is a gray and white Manx about 14 years young. He really needs to have a warm spot by the fire, a sunny lounging spot and a soft lap! Orsen is a good-looking boy about 8 years old; he is black and white and has a spectacular white mustache. He is a playful and full of fun. Rewards will be huge for the lucky people who adopt these two lover boys!


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