Lawsuit against DA Gallegos alleges corruption, discrimination & harrassment

May 8, 2012

Daniel Mintz
Press Staff Writer

HUMBOLDT – The District Attorney’s Office’s Legal Services Manager has filed a damage claim against the county alleging that District Attorney Paul Gallegos, former Assistant DA Wes Keat, Chief Investigator Mike Hislop and other management-level employees subjected her to “discrimination, harassment and retaliation.”

Filed by Jeannie Duncan, who’s been on administrative leave for the last six months, the claim alleges that a “hostile work environment” was spurred by her objections to “unlawful activity” in the office.

The claim states that Duncan questioned the use of the office’s resources for Gallegos’ re-election campaign, objected to “unlawful polygraph practices,” and questioned various activities of Hislop and Victim-Witness Supervisor Joyce Moser.

Other allegations include retaliation for complaints of sexual harassment made by Duncan “on behalf of herself and other females.”

Duncan is asking for damages in excess of $25,000.

The Board of Supervisors went into closed session at its meeting today, May 8, to discuss the claim but took no action it.

Gallegos was contacted by phone and email to comment, but has yet to respond.

A copy of the claim appears below:



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2 responses to “Lawsuit against DA Gallegos alleges corruption, discrimination & harrassment

  1. "Henchman Of Justice"

    With all these lawsuits, who else wishes they were a public employee…..and attorneys from the metropolises must be hungry for work; or, is there another reason why the attorneys are from LA LA land?


  2. fred

    Simple..because we don’t have such a corrupt DA’s office as you do up in Eureka. I know first hand of the mess you have and it is appalling and the feds should take it over.

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