The Mighty McK Press! The greatest rag between the Mad River and Del Norte County line! (And this week’s front page.).

Sometimes people ask why we don’t just put our newspaper on the internet so people can read it for free. Why don’t we just give the thing away? Our answer is that we’ll do so the day that restaurants, liquor stores, hardware stores and grocery stores give their products away for free too. Then we wouldn’t need all those checks that subscribers mail in each year, nor the quarters that people put in our newspaper racks.

Until that day, we’ll have to charge a nominal fee. If you buy the newspaper from one of these locations, it’s only 50 cents an issue. If you subscribe by clicking here, you’ll get the paper in the mail each week. That’s only 48 cents a week for in-county subscribers. That’s cheap. Really cheap. Trust me, we’re not getting rich off these subscriptions, but they certainly help keep the electricity on.

The McKinleyville Press is a little community rag, but it’s got stuff that nobody else has. We’re the only newspaper with regular, ongoing coverage of the McKinleyville Community Services District, Trinidad City Council, McKinleyville Union School District and Northern Humboldt Union School District. We also feature articles about all sorts of news events, people and community happenings. We have a reporter who covers the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission. We’re the only paper that’s had ongoing, regular coverage of the General Plan Update. The paper is filled with one scoop after another. You won’t read this stuff anywhere else.

Basically, we’re an old fashioned newspaper. We’re kind of traditional. Sometimes we print stuff that probably bores the hell our or readers, like stories about budgets, general plans and sewer lines. We do that because we think people need to know this stuff. They need to know what their local government is doing. Otherwise our communities could turn out like the City of Bell.

We also do our best to print juicier stories about crimes, scandals, etc. Sometimes we get accused of being “yellow,” but not as much as we would like too. This week we have a story about hookers and johns. We’ve got a drug bust. We’ve got all sorts of stuff. Check it out!


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