McK may get riverfront park

From the March 14, 2012 edition:


By Jack Durham
Press Editor

McKinleyville may soon have a 33-acre riverfront park that could eventually include a boat ramp, kayak access and a pavilion where couples could get married on the banks of the Mad River.
The McKinleyville Community Services District Board of Directors is scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. tonight, March 14, to discuss purchasing the undeveloped property, located at the junction of North Bank Road and Azalea Avenue.
The board will accept public comment at the meeting, then adjourn to closed session to discuss negotiations with property owner Granite Construction Co.
In an interview last week, MCSD Manager Norman Shopay said he couldn’t reveal how much the district would pay for the property. The price will be discussed in closed session and revealed after the negotiations with the property owner are completed.
The property, Shopay said, could be used by both the MCSD’s Parks & Recreation Department and Water Department.
The land would serve as a river-side park, with possibly a boat ramp, kayak access, an area to swim, a picnic area, trails and maybe even a pavilion for special events like weddings and family reunions.
The Water Department, Shopay said, could use the property for backup water wells. Those wells could serve McKinleyville in the event that the district’s water supply from the Humboldt Municipal Water District is cut off due to an earthquake or other emergency.
The MCSD meeting takes place at Azalea hall, 1620 Pickett Road, McKinleyville.



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2 responses to “McK may get riverfront park

  1. "Henchman Of Justice"

    Does the community get to have rock concerts on the muddy banks of the Mad River too?

    **** Those wells could serve McKinleyville in the event that the district’s water supply from the Humboldt Municipal Water District is cut off due to an earthquake or other emergency.**** hmmm, MCSD said the water line on the new bridges would take care of any earthquake problems elsewhere in the district for water supply.

    Sounds like local money movers, shakers and bakers want to steal more wealth from ratepayers to subsidize the whims of a mere few people collectively. Also, the development in Valley West across the river will create Recreational access points to the river, so why double-up costs? Answer= to keep societal costs propped-up using comparable valuations of tax funded projects which only wastes money on projects as a kickback to the local developers who do the tax funded work; or, receive the tax funds as payment on a propped-up sales price that camoflauges the real, but truly lower valuation of the asset. I’ll bet the 33 acres will cost too much in the end; where as up front, MCSD will conceal the numbers as long as possible. The District manager is a sly and sinister m’fer.

  2. The Grinch

    HOJ, can you at least go for one day and NOT comment on everything! I would hope you do have a “life” and choose to spend your free time not simply sitting around a computer and trolling. It’s a bit annoying and personally I could care less what you think.

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