There’s marijuana in Humboldt County? Who knew…

From EPD:












Adam Sundberg












Brittany Bryan











Douglas Albert Camilli











Douglas Clyde Camilli










Sarah Marie Nichols


On 2/16/12, at about 11:46 AM, the Eureka Police Department received a report of suspicious persons in a vehicle (dark Toyota Tacoma) in an alley near Wabash and Williams Street.  The RP reported seeing two females and two males associated with apartment building moving marijuana to another vehicle (an apparent drug deal in progress).  One of the males was reported to have a handgun in his waistband.  EPD officers responded and found one of the described vehicles backed into a stall in the apartment building’s car port area.  As officers drove toward the vehicle all four occupants exited and began walking away.  The two males and two females, later identified as Douglas Clyde Camilli (age 57 of Eureka), Sarah Marie Nichols AKA Sara Scott (age 27 of Eureka), Adam Daniel Sundberg (age 32 of Mckinleyville), and Brittany Lee Bryan (age 26 of Mckinleyville) were detained without incident.


It was learned that Douglas Clyde Camilli had four outstanding arrest warrants for contempt of court.  The driver of the vehicle, Adam Sundberg, was on felony probation with a search clause for assault with a deadly weapon.  Per Sundbergs probation status, officers searched the vehicle.  In plain view in the back seat was a loaded 9mm Hi-Point semi-automatic handgun. Officers also located a large plastic tub filled with bags of processed marijuana packaged for sale.  A total of 26 plastic resealable vacuum bags filled with marijuana were found in the tub (6 one pound bags and 20 ½ pound bags) weighing approximately 16 pounds in total.  Many of the bags were marked by weight and marijuana strain.


The assistance of the Problem Oriented Policing Unit was requested.  POP detectives responded to the scene to assist with the investigation.  Camilli was ultimately arrested and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked for possession of marijuana for sale, being a convicted felon in unlawful possession of a loaded firearm, and for the several outstanding warrants.  Nichols was arrested and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where she was booked for possession of marijuana for sale and carrying a loaded firearm in a public place (vehicle).  Sundberg was arrested and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked for possession of marijuana for sale.  Bryan was arrested for possession of marijuana for sale and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.  However, due to a serious medical condition she was not cleared for booking.  Bryan was cited and released with a court date.


Officers later discovered that Bryan had discarded and attempted to conceal approximately 3 grams of cocaine in the backseat of the patrol car in which she was transported.  An additional charge of possession of a controlled substance is expected to follow.


Based on evidence and information gathered at the scene, investigators believed they would likely find more marijuana at Camilli’s residence on the 1000 block of Hodgson Street, Eureka.  POP detectives subsequently obtained a search warrant for Camilli’s residence which they served around 4:45 PM.  5 subjects (three adult males and two adult females) were detained at the residence.  4 small children were also present at the home (but did not live there).  While detectives completed their investigation, the children were temporarily released into the care and custody of uninvolved responsible relatives.


Investigators subsequently located an indoor marijuana cultivation operation inside a detached garage behind the residence.  The grow appeared to have been recently harvested.  However, 136 small to medium sized marijuana plants in pots and trays were located in the grow rooms.  Investigators also located and seized approximately 5 more pounds of processed marijuana along with 7 large paper bags filled with dried marijuana plants awaiting trimming (likely representing a few more pounds of processed marijuana).  Additionally, investigators located further evidence of marijuana sales activity including a digital scale, numerous trimming shears, a vacuum sealer and heat seal bags.  Drug use paraphernalia, including a methamphetamine pipe, were also found in the house.


Resident Douglas Albert Camilli (age 31 of Eureka, son of Douglas Clyde Camilli) was arrested and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked for possession of drug paraphernalia.


An additional charge of illegal marijuana cultivation is expected for the owner of the property, Douglas Clyde Camilli.


The Eureka Police Department would encourage the public to phone EPD’s dispatch regarding in progress crimes at (707) 441-4044 or in progress emergencies by dialing 911.


Anyone with information concerning suspected ongoing drug sales/criminal activity occurring in Eureka is encouraged to call the Problem Oriented Policing Unit at (707) 441-4373.





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64 responses to “There’s marijuana in Humboldt County? Who knew…

  1. Anonymous

    like father like son

  2. OH MY GOD. I AM SO SHOCKED AND SCARED. yeah right. CRIME RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    What a piece of crap, brittany is in the paper for having received a Kidney transplant from a Best Friend? Then this wow that is some way to show your respect for the girft of life.

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly! Nice way to blow your second chance Brit! Get with it!! And everybody pretty much figured out back in 9th grade that hanging with Scrap is bad news. Bummer.

  4. jackdurham

    Let’s remember that folks are innocent until proven guilty.

  5. Anonymous

    Can we keep Sundburg in jail this time!!

  6. Anonymous

    They are Guily!

  7. Anonymous

    So dissapointing that Britt would take such advantage of a God given second chance. Even more dissapointing that she would take such advantage of a best friend that selflessly gave her apart of herself to save her life. Sarah’s poor son lost his father and now this? So scary what drugs will do to a person. They are so consumed with their addiction that they completley disregard everything else. God Bless thier friends and family, who suffer the most.

  8. Anonymous

    All the Sundberg’s aren’t all there cracked up to be.

  9. amen

    Well at least the Sundbergs I know can spell and know correct grammer. There is a place, their is folks.

  10. Anonymous

    funny how everyone is quick to point fingers….. we all make our own choices in life. Adam, Britt, and Sarah are the ones who made the wrong ones… why should the rest of the Sundberg’s have to pay for the mistake they ALL made.

  11. Anonymous

    sad for all of them! wish they would do better with thier lives. SERIOUSLY

  12. Heather

    This is sad for everyone who knows these people and their families. They have made some bad decisions but those decisions do not represent their families or friends. All of these McK families are great and have strong roots in the community. They did the crimes individually and they will pay the time. Let’s keep it clean and leave their families out of it please. Who has a perfect family, really? I still love you Britt and Adam! Time to start making better decisions though. xoxoxo

  13. Anonymous

    I’m all for leaving Scrap (Sundberg) in jail forever!! I respect and am friends with his family but some bad apples need to be weeded out (pardon the pun). I can’t think of a better person to be picked up on charges when he is already on FELONY PROBATION!! I just hope the judge is smart and puts him in a place where he belongs, like a hole in prison for a long time! I hope this is a wake up call for Brit too. I know she is smarter than this!! Come on Brit, pull it together and get your life in order and stop hanging with Scrap and Millsap! Nothing but bad news and now see what hanging with the wrong people can get you???

    • Anonymous

      I love Britty and hope she can get clean and live a happy healthy life!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t expect anybody in this story to learn anything from this. They all know it all already and are already trying to downplay the whole situation and blame others for looking down on them. There are two kinds of people in this world, people who learn from their mistakes, and those who already know everything and don’t learn anything from any of their actions. Unfortunately, I know all of the people involved in this case and they are the latter type of people. These are very serious offenses and to downplay them is the first step of denial. Brush the blame away so you can feel better about yourself so you can get back out there and do some more illegal actions. FELONY PROBATION, what a joke. I remember being on juvenile probation when I was a kid and that was more then enough to scare me straight into a productive law abiding lifestyle and I would have to say that juvenile probation is less of a joke then FELONY PROBATION is. Don’t worry ADAM, you will get what is coming to you eventually. If the legal system doesn’t want to deal with your scrap ass correctly, street justice will get ya!!!

      • Julie

        AMEN!!!!! The government knows the steets want him. They are not doing him any favors by thowing him back into the shark tank we call the streets.

  14. jackdurham

    Sometimes I wonder – if I was in my twenties living in Humboldt County today, could I get caught up in something like this? It’s possible.

    It’s the lure of easy money in a business that, if you play your cards right, is quasi legal, kinda sorta. Most of us know several growers. A lot of them are decent people. They’re making some extra income.

    Sure, there are plenty of scuzzy growers out there, but there are also neat and tidy growers who don’t cause problems or wreck their neighborhoods.

    I once quizzed a grower about how much I could make if I grew P215 weed within the legal limits as defined by the DA. He said I could bring in $30,000 to $40,000 a year. That’s sounds pretty sweet.

    There’s a down side, obviously. But when you’re in your twenties you’re willing to take more risks. My dumb risk in my twenties was starting a newspaper. If I was in my twenties today, what would be my dumb risk? Growing weed?

    I could get on my high horse and claim that I wouldn’t do that if I was a young man, but I’m not sure how honest that would be. I can understand the temptation, especially if it’s a choice between going to work at a job you hate, or watering plants in your garage.

    By the way, when all is said and done, and assuming the suspects are found guilty, what kind of penalty would they get? My guess is probation and a fine. That’s not a real big deal, The real punishment, I suppose, is that they could have this on their records, which could limit their employment options. Right?

    Of course, everyone here is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. In the court of anonymous blog commenters, they’re guilty, but that doesn’t go on their permanent records.

  15. this is what happens when satan possessess you to groe weed and you go to pilican bay prisen and then you get the eletric chair

  16. jackdurham

    I just deleted a comment in which a person accused the suspects of being involved in some other crimes beyond what the EPD has arrested them for. I’m uncomfortable with the idea of anonymously accusing people of crimes without any official source, proof, etc. FYI.

  17. Anonymous

    Funny how its all anonymous!
    that’s Mack town for ya! Let’s get real!
    J. Cringle

  18. jackdurham

    Another comment was just deleted. FYI. If the person wants to know why, I’d be happy to explain. Go over to our Facebook page, use your real name and we can have an adult discussion.

  19. Anonymous

    Wow . The Mack press is like China. Gotta censor what others see cause we shouldn’t know the truth about the world. You get one article on here worth attention and now you think your real news reporters.

  20. J.R.

    agree with the comment above ^ why not show what others have to say about the story. are you scared of the truth . go to your facebook page? really? what a childish way to give reason for deleting comments. oooh wow are you gonna delete me off your buddy list..lmao

  21. Hauna

    Leave these girls alone!!! They both dealing wit some bull ish now. Let them be the ones to worry about it. People out here are so messy!!! Always got something to say about something they know nothing about. These girls need their families and friends right now. I love you ladies hope u two learn from this. Life is a gift and you only get one no going back. Sarah u all ur lil boy got be careful girl he needs u mama.

    • Anonymous

      These girls don’t want their friends and family’s help! They would rather run the streets and have “fun” with the lowlife’s of Humboldt County! This is coming from Family that is fed up with trying to help~

  22. jackdurham

    If I wanted to protect the people accused of crimes by the EPD, I wouldn’t have posted the EPD press release and photos on this blog. (Lots of EPD press releases are received, but never posted here. It takes some time to upload these things.) I don’t mind if people comment, but if they start accusing individuals of other crimes beyond those outlined by he EPD, we enter the realm of slander.

    So if you want to comment on the suspects’ charges, go for it. Slam them! Slam me! (I don’t know the suspects, although Brittany may have served me pancakes at some point in time.)

    If you want to add additional charges for the suspects, or include additional suspects, you’ll need to either contact authorities or contact me and provide some additional evidence. (Did your grandmother kill and bury Jimmy Hoffa? We’re interested, but will need more information.)

    Being that this blog is in cyberspace, I’m probably legally immune from being charged with slander because of the comments made by anonymous cowards. So I won’t fret over every comment and every charge.

    That said, when I come across something questionable from an anonymous dickhead, I’ll probably delete the comment. That doesn’t mean the comment isn’t true. Your charges might be dead on. Call me.

    Oh, and please don’t compare me to China. You’re being too kind. My deletions of anonymous idiot comments are more in the spirit of Pol Pot or Stalin. I delete with extreme prejudice, OK?

  23. jackdurham

    I just read a comment accusing additional suspect of crimes. That comment was deleted. However, it will be researched. FYI

    • James Brown (McKinleyville CA)

      I re-posted to pertain to the story only. By all means edit the comment to fit the blog rules by all means. I just think that the family link is a very important subject matter in this article to be known about. Its our Representative. The guy who called this blog china censored is way off . I understand the laws and keeping slander and other non sense is part of the bloggers job to moderate liable comments like that and I commend you for it. Your doing a great job 🙂

  24. James Brown (McKinleyville CA)

    here is a revised version of the comment that includes no accusing of additional suspects of crimes. Just the link between our supervisor and Adam Sundberg. Left out other facts that were not pertained to the EPD release. Just the family link.( I am trying to work within the blog rules)

    Ryan Sundburg is Adam Sundberg’s cousin (fact). Is it bad that the 5th district supervisor family is linked to a story like this (Marijuana, cocaine,guns). In my “opinion” it does make this story more interesting? That is not slander . It is a factual statement about the Ryan’s family ties to illegal activity. It is embarrassing for our small community to have such facts be true about our supervisor representing our district. I understand pot is a common thing in Humboldt County , but our representatives should have no family ties to Adam Sundberg being arrested with large amounts of marijuana . Lets just say that the males arrested in there mug shots look very scary people to be dealing with. I am glad the police were able to stop this from happening without incident, and applaud them for there great service they provide to our community. There is too many questions involved to be answered truthfully without slander so lets just stick to the facts and let the people decide for themselves about the evidence at hand. Remember they all are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
    J. Brown,

    • 713

      I don’t see the family tie being relevant. How can you be responsible for anything but your own actions? Do you have control over your cousins, brothers, sisters, or parents?

      • CAli

        Thats the hard part…when you have to turn your back on family that choose that lifestyle over a “normal” life. My family is involved in this and we have tried to help her but she wants nothing to do with us.

    • Anonymous

      Ryan has NOTHING to do with Adam’s actions. Get a life.

    • Cousin Sundberg

      Actually, this isn’t a situation where the people get to decide anything. You have already decided what you think about Ryan which is why you are trying to dirty his name. You are not judge and jury, and Ryan is no more responsible for Adam’s choices than he is for yours. And if you want to talk facts, its also a fact that both Ryan and Adam and 50 other Sundberg’s have a cousin named James Brown…I sincerely hope you aren’t him. Because that would be ironic considering by your own fallacious logic, you would also be accountable for your cousin’s choices.

  25. Anonymous

    I don’t think they will ever learn, such a waste of life..:*(

  26. Anonymous

    It’s pretty sad that Adam is already out on bail…and he’s on felony probation!!?? What’s up with that Eureka! Obviously he’s not being a good guy.

    • Anonymous

      how is it, that it is even possible, to have the option to be bailed out for the same thing your brought in for over and over again and on FELONY PROBATION, with a loaded fire arm. wow, were is the justice eureka. that just seems wrong.

      • Marie

        There are many reasons one can be released, being an informant is one. Very likely in this situation since he was released quickly and numourus times before and on similar charges. Very sad our police force would allow those type of people back on the streets for a little bit of information. that is putting the community in jeapordy. How does the poilce force justify that?

    • Anonymous

      That is the legal system for you. The worse of a person that you are, it seems that the legal system turns their eyes that much further off of you!! He needs to be taught a lesson and that lesson would be taught much better behind bars not on the streets where he can continue to be scrap and do all of the illegal things that scrap does on a daily basis that he doesnt get caught for or that the legal system turns their eyes away just long enough to not get caught. You would think that FELONY PROBATION would mean that all eyes on you, but unfortunately for the citizens of mckinleyville, that is not true and we get to live in fear of what scrap sundberg will do illegally today and how we as law abiding citizens will have to pay for it today!!!

  27. Anon

    No it’s not bad that Ryan Sundberg is Adam’s cousin! We can’t help who we are related to. Take a look at the parents that have raised their children, done everything they can for them, given them the tools to have a wonderful future, and they decide to do otherwise. Does that make them an accessory to criminal activity because they gave birth to them? To put Ryan’s integrity in question because of another persons choices, that is ridiculous. There are many of Adam’s family members that have nothing to do with Adam and haven’t for years because of his choice to be involved in illegal activities. I have watched Ryan grow up and become a fine young man that our community is very proud of, and I am not a relative speaking out in his defense. Every family has a black sheep or two that they may not be close to, and that does not in any way reflect on who they are or what they believe in. Ryan Sundberg is a good man with a good heart and does a job with our best interests in mind. Ryan hasn’t broken any laws, and to sling mud at him because of his last name is quite irresponsible. Just because his cousin’s name is in the paper doesn’t change my opinion of Ryan in the least. That would be very shallow, don’t you think? I worked at a school for years, and as I said, I watched this young kid become a fine adult. I don’t understand someone speaking poorly of him for the poor choices his cousin has made.

    • Bill Landar

      what are you building his campaign .. geez calm down… if Obama had a cousin like this you would be singing a different tune.

  28. Anonymous

    This is all really sad! The families cannot be blamed for these people actions! What the heck does Ryan have to do with this NOTHING ! I don’t know him but I do know his name wasn’t in the article! A lot of people are hurt by the actions of these people! Not only did the families pull together for Brittany and her best friend the whole community did! Very disappointing! I only hope that she can clean herself up and get right! I’m her friend and I will continue to be I don’t agree with Britt’s choices but no one is perfect and we all make bad choices including all of you self righteous people who keep posting crap about the Sundbergs

    • Anonymous

      You know the people that keep posting hurtful things are probably no better!

    • Anonymous

      Ryan has nothing to do with this but it is interesting to know that his family is involved in criminal activity. He is the head of our district as others have stated. I think the people have the right to know this. It may be his cousins mistake but it puts his name out there too.

      • Anonymous

        Ryan shouldn’t be punished for the actions of his family members He chose a different path! He cannot control the actions of other people! Let’s say you were drunk driving crashed and killed someone should your whole family be punished for your actions or should ur while family pay the price! Don’t be ridiculous Shut up and think about what you say b4 you say it

      • Anonymous

        You close minded people and your perfect little lives make me laugh

  29. Anonymous

    It’s funny how people have to try and say Adam wrote this, it is not him, get a life!

  30. Carrie

    Everyone will pay for their actions. Hopefully the police department will see who they released and will obtain them once again. If not, every person being held on lesser charges should also be released. Those people make this community unsafe. The police are supose to make us feel safe right? Not living in fear knowing these folks are back out on the street. What kind of government is that?

  31. Reaper

    Your next Wiz! Pg and e has you pegged

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