Skate parks for less than $100,000

In response to my column this week on how McKinleyville could build a skate park in the near future, a reader emailed this link showing skate parks that were built for less than $100,000. It’s food for thought.

Based on what the McKinleyville Skate Park Organization has already raised in the form of cash and donations of labor and materials, and the $25,000 that the MCSD previously agreed to contribute, we could afford a $100,000 skate park today. In my column I suggested that the budget be pegged at $150,000, with the additional coming from the non-profit and the MCSD.

I’m curious if there’s any interest in this idea, or if everyone wants to stick to the skate park that will cost $380,000 to $450,000 just for phase 1? I like the fancy design, I’m just not as optimistic that the money could be raised anytime soon.

Also, what I didn’t mention in my column is that the project would probably have a better chance of getting grant funds if there was something already built on the ground, like a $150,000 park. That park could be designed to allow for a future expansion.

– Jack



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2 responses to “Skate parks for less than $100,000


    Wait Jack,

    is that not playing games….to half arse a project just to get it going, then get bailed out by grant monies when the national debt is 16.2 trillion and climbing…..the last thing citizens of this country need to be doing is spending funny money. If they want it built, they can get private funding. I will say though that it was deceitful and back-stabbish of the MCSD to reneg on the $25,000 just to piss it on a teen center supposedly funded by property owners via the property tax on their parcel……

    Jack, do you own a house? If you don’t, then you should file a grant too and get it….that seems to be how so many Americans get what they want these days, opposite of working for it.


  2. jackdurham

    I already own a house (technically the bank owns it.) But do they give grants to purchase neat old cars?

    Lyndon Johnson’s 1964 Lincoln Continental is up for auction. As a big-time McKinleyville publisher this is what I should be driving. If the MCSD wants to help out, I’m fine with that.

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