A sneak peek at the upcoming issue, and it’s day 2 of our subscription drive

It’s time to put on a rain jacket and start delivering the McKinkleyville Press to newspaper racks and retail outlets in Eureka, Arcata, Mckinleyville, Fieldbrook and Trinidad. The McK Press, by the way, is a Wednesday paper. But it hits the news stands on Tuesday. Go figure.

It’s day two of our subscription drive. The goal is to get two new subscriptions a day. If you’re not a subscriber, click here and become one. Thank you in advance!

On Thursday morning I plan to pump up the tires on the McKinleyville Press 1960 Ford Ranchero and get more newspaper racks out on the street, so we should have more locations soon. (These are racks we obtained from the Times-Standard after it closed the Humboldt Beacon.) The first priority is to replace the really crappy racks that gobble people’s quarters without giving them papers.

You’ll want to read this week’s paper. Here are some reasons:

• Daniel Mintz reports on a federal study which includes infomation about McKinleyville’s watershed and how our streams aren’t fish friendly. The upside is that we could make them more fish friendly. We could have coho salmon swimming through town.

• Remember that Trinidad couple that illegally cut down trees on Tsurai Ancestral Site so they could improve their ocean view? They settled a civil suit with the City of Trinidad. (After they got caught, they tried to blame the fellow they hired to cut the trees down. Nice.)

• Elaine Weinreb reports on improvements that are being made to Mack High thanks to that multi-million dollar bond measure we passed awhile back.

• Jack Durham reports on last week’s MCSD meeting. In his Rambling Around Town column he writes about how we could build a skate park – this summer!

• We have sweet Valentines. At the McKinleyville Press, we’re all about love.

• In a letter to the editor, Trinidad Mayor Kathy Bhardwaj explains why the city needs to raise its water rates. This is in response to a flier made by Councilman Mike Morgan, who is against the rate increase.

• NEWS ALERT! David Elsebusch is outraged about something the MCSD did. How can this be? Read his letter.

• There was a DUI and a drug bust. I wonder how they decide which houses to bust? It seems like every other house in Humboldt contains a grow.

There’s more than this. Also, we ran out of room and we have leftovers, some of which will go online this week.


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