New McK Press policy on press releases from businesses

The McKinleyville Press now has a new policy when it comes to press releases submitted by for-profit enterprises. While there will be some exceptions, we’re going to require that these companies buy advertising space to get their message out. This is a tough one for us because we’ve always tried to print everything. And some of these press releases are about companies donating money to worthy non-profit groups. However, we can’t afford to continue to subsidize the PR campaigns of private enterprise, especially those companies that don’t support us and help cover our printing cost.

To repeat: There will be exceptions.

For example, once a month we print information about all the venues participating in McKinleyville Art Night. Most of the venues are private companies. We’re giving them free advertising. But this is something that we’ll continue to do.

On the other hand, there are companies that donate money to non-profits and want us to print an announcements about their donations. From now on, what we’re going to do is require that the companies buy advertising space to make the announcement. However, the McKinleyville Press will chip in by donating a percentage of the advertising space, thereby helping the company get the announcement at a discounted rate.

Oh, and did we make it clear that there will be exceptions to these rules?

On the flip side, we have good news for regular advertisers in the McKinleyville Press. Companies that regularly advertise in the print edition will get free advertising on our website, blog and on Facebook. It’s an “advertising enhancement.” We’re still working out the details. Also, we’ll clearly mark these as advertisements so there’s no confusion between paid content and editorial content.


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  1. I am looking for places to advertise my business for free. With no gimmicks or limitations or upsells. Can anhyone offer any websites?

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