Front page 1.18.12

To read the entire newspaper, please buy a copy today. We have retail outlets and newspaper racks in McKinleyville, Trinidad, Fieldbrook, Arcata and Eureka. You can subscribe by clicking here.



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3 responses to “Front page 1.18.12

  1. Jack: I usually purchase your paper at the CO OP in Eureka. Every time the cashier looks blankly at the paper and has no idea how to key in the correct price. And many times it is the same cashier as I had the week before. This goes for the EYE also. Could you fugure out how to put a bar code on the front so stores don’t back up from not knowing how to price? I have even had cashiers just try to give me the paper without charging! I do not let them do that, but then they are angry because they don’t know how to key it in.

  2. skippy

    A list of locations would be helpful, Jack. I was going to ask where it is in Eureka, but Richard filled us in for the Co-op. Thanks. Anywhere else is Eureka for curious readers?

  3. jackdurham

    Richard, that’s a good idea. I’ll put that on my to-do list. I don’t know a dang thing about bar codes, so I’ll need to do some research.

    Skippy, that’s another good idea. I’ll come up with a list provide a link on my website. BTW, in Eureka there are two locations – the NC Co-op and the newspaper rack in front of the Courthouse. More locations are coming soon…

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