Has Cupid’s Arrow Pierced Your Heart?

If you are a subscriber to the McKinleyville Press or the Arcata Eye, we have an assignment for you. Pull out your quill and start writing the world’s greatest love poem to that someone special in your life. Or maybe you could write a haiku. Then again, a simple “I love you” sometimes says it all.

We’re going to have some fun with the Feb. 8 editions, which come out before Valentine’s Day. Anyone who subscribes to the Eye or the Press will get a FREE Valentine printed in BOTH papers. (Make sure the Valentine is 40 words or less. If it’s longer, contact us and we’ll figure out some sort of payment for the additional words.)

The only catch is that you have to be a subscriber. If you’re not a subscriber, we have an easy solution – become one. Just visit The Arcata Eye or the McKinleyville Press. (The really cool, smart and sexy people in Humboldt County subscribe to both papers.)

The deadline is Friday, Feb. 3. That seems like a long way away, but sometimes it takes awhile to put together the right words. When it’s time to submit your Valentine, email it to news@mckinleyvillepress.com. Include your name and address and tell us which paper you subscribe to so we can verify that you’re eligible.


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  1. jackdurham

    I forgot to mention that these Valentines are for non-commercial use. Folks who want to promote their business will have some excellent advertising options.

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