MCSD & MUSD election results

In the Nov. 8 elections voters favored incumbent candidates, reelecting them to the boards of the McKinleyville Community Services District (MCSD) and the McKinleyville Union School District (MUSD).
In the race for two open seats on the MCSD Board of Directors, incumbents John Corbett and Helen Edwards won by a landslide, receiving more than 2 1/2 times as many votes as challenger David Elsebusch.
Corbett was the front runner, receiving 1,296 votes, or 42.91 percent, according to the final count on election night. (The election night count does not include absentee and provisonal ballots, so these results are not final yet.)
Forty-three votes behind Corbett was Edwards, with 1,253 votes, or 41.49 percent.
Elsebusch trailed with 450 votes, or 14.90 percent.
The MCSD oversees sewer, water, streetlights, parks and recreation in the unincorporated community. Recently the MCSD has taken a more active role in planning, and even filed a lawsuit challenging the county’s plans for high-density development in McKinleyville.
Corbett said that he was grateful to the voters for selecting him. He urged those voters who did not choose him to bring their concerns and thoughts to the board.
Corbett said that the best things about the MCSD is its sound finances and its good recreation program.
“I’m looking forward to carrying out the projects that are being planned by the MCSD,” he said.
Helen Edwards, who didn’t wage any visible campaign for reelection, thanked both Corbett and Elsebusch for campaigning.
“There are so many challenging issues to deal with; it is good that people are willing to take them on,” she said. “I am very glad to be of service.”
The results were closer in the race for two seats on the MUSD Board of Trustees, which oversees Morris School, Dow’s Prairie School and McKinleyville Middle School.
Incumbents Sara Rynearson-Alto and Brian Mitchell were the winners in the race.
Rynearson-Alto was the top vote-getter, with 1,029 votes, or 36.63 percent, followed by Mitchell, with 943 votes, or 33.57 percent. Challenger Mary McCarthy received 826 votes, or 29.41 percent.


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