Front page 11.2.11

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3 responses to “Front page 11.2.11

  1. hmmm...

    I haven’t read the article yet, but hopefully under the headline “commissioners push for low cost housing in rural areas” doesn’t mean the government’s standard of what “affordable” means, that being density. Remember, the gubmunt says affordable housing = 20+ “units” per acre. Affordability should not be synonymous with an intentionally degraded quality of life. Nobody’s building nice, affordable standalone HOUSES with YARDS for low income people to live in anymore. Greed is getting to the developers, who are sponsering government.

    Looking forward to grabbing a copy.

  2. Anonymous

    Try buying a vacant parcel, paying the cost of financing, building plans and construction, the cost of the regulatory process, paying interest on the money you have borrowed for the land you purchased during the regulatory process as well as the construction process. Is the result affordable? Not to very many people. Cut the regulatory time and cost, and improve affordability. As to the greed of the developer, in addition to all of the above, their personal assets are tied up and are at risk from the day the purchase the bare land untill the day they sell. With luck they won’t find anything of cultural significance when they dig the foundation, or have a neighbor complain. I have nothing but respect for those who are willing to build in Humboldt County.

  3. hmmm...

    You miss the point, 3:45. At least you admit, only people who already have a ton of money are building dense. And they say it’s for the sake of us “poor folk”. Where’d they get the money to build dense? From other dense projects they’ve already built and profit from, of course. And the cycle continues.

    Our rural areas don’t need the current standard approach to “affordability”. It does more harm than good, except for the developers’ pocket books.

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