Orick Tsunami Siren Test on Friday

Just in from the Sheriff’s Dept.:


The tsunami siren located in Orick and located on Orick Volunteer Fire Department property will be tested on Friday, 21 October, at 1000. The test will consist of a one minute sounding of the siren. Some area residents, members of the Redwood Coast Tsunami Work Group, and participating representatives of various local, state, and federal agencies will observe and record various test activities associated with the siren sounding.

Additional Related Information:

The siren at Trinidad was installed as part of a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA) grant to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services. That grant funded the installation of sirens or siren components at (listed north to south) Orick, Big Lagoon, Trinidad, Clam Beach, Manila, Samoa, Woodley Island, Fairhaven, Fields Landing, and Shelter Cove. Humboldt County Public Works also supplied components for some siren sites. In addition, the Pacific Gas and Electric Company installed a siren at King Salmon and provided a generous donation of siren components for installation at the other sites. The 11-site siren system installation is nearing completion.


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