MCSD candidate David Elsebusch

(Three candidates are running for two open seats on the McKinleyville Community Services District Board of Directors. The candidates include David Elsebusch and incumbents John Corbett and Helen Edwards. The following is part of a series of profiles on the candidates.)

David Elsebusch

By Elaine Weinreb
Press Staff Writer

David Elsebusch, a long-time critic of the McKinleyville Community Services District and other local governmental agencies, has tossed his hat into the ring, challenging incumbents Helen Edwards and John Corbett for a seat on the MCSD board.
Elsebusch, an insurance claims adjustor and private investigator, appears at almost every board meeting of the MCSD.
He studies the district’s financial reports and is quick to question any expenditures that seem at all unclear. He also frequently voices his disapproval of the district’s general manager and many of the board’s policies.
The MCSD has been in conflict with the county over a large increase in the number of multi-family units which the Board of Supervisors recently mandated for McKinleyville, re-zoning several residential parcels to allow high-density development to occur in various locations.
The MCSD has stated that it does not have the infrastructure necessary to support this level of development, but despite MCSD’s objections, the Board of Supervisors approved the re-zoning plan on August 23.
Elsebusch believes that the MCSD should respond by imposing a moratorium on all new building hook-ups that are not already in the pipeline.
“We can’t afford to plan on adding all the new hook-ups that would be necessary if McKinleyville’s allocated low-income and affordable housing is implemented,” he said.
Elsebusch emphasizes that he is not referring to current approved projects that have not yet been constructed.
“MCSD should not have to plan for all this excessive new development. They should not have to spend millions of dollars to upgrade, and [without the new development] we could get by with the facilities that we have now. Or at least the upgrades would be less costly.”
McKinleyville has done a good job of producing affordable and low-income housing,” he said. “You look around; there’s apartments, million-dollar houses, and everything….”
He says that MCSD should not try to become a planning agency.
“Absolutely, positively not. It would politicize a service district that should stick to doing what it does best, and is doing very well now.
“It wouldn’t be economical and fiscally viable. Where would the money come from? You would need to hire staff and consultants.”
Nonetheless, when asked what the greatest challenge is facing MCSD, he gave the following reply:
“The greatest challenge for MCSD, in my opinion, will be considering additional powers, including planning, to simulate a city since it appears unfeasible to incorporate.”
Elsebusch has many criticisms of the existing board and the decisions that it has made over the past few years. Water rates, he said, should have risen a long time ago since the water department is running a deficit, and he wonders why the board did not make such a decision prior to the election.
He believes that the board is too lax in challenging expenditures. He feels that the new emergency water line attached to the Mad River Bridge is a waste of money, arguing that any earthquake large enough to take out the underwater pipeline would also wreck the bridge.
He does not like spending money on hazardous waste disposal events for the general public. He believes it was inappropriate for MCSD to request membership on the board of the Humboldt County Association of Governments. Above all, he dislikes MCSD’s General Manager Norman Shopay, saying that he lacks the experience to effectively run the agency.
He also has some harsh words about Board President Helen Edwards, and would like to see the chairmanship of the board rotate on a yearly basis.



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4 responses to “MCSD candidate David Elsebusch

  1. Commenter

    Remember that this is the person who wrote a letter to the state saying that McKinleyville did not deserve a grant for recreation and although he criticizes every agency on the planet for fiscal errors, he declared bankrupsy and wrote off over $100,00 in credit cqrd debt. Not a real public servant.

  2. DMC

    He also has been your watch-dog over all years in residence in McKinleyville, while most of you remained ‘couch potatoes’ doing nothing about issues which needed to be addressed. AT LEAST he is trying to do something. And bankruptcy has nothing to do with ability. His choice of work has most likely been seriously impacted by our current economy. And 100k debts? Hum, how in the world do you have the figures? And if true, is it possible that due to economic impact on income, he was using credit cards trying to stay afloat. How your analogy equates to ‘not a real public servant’ is beyond my comprehension. You sound very jealous of him to me. In fact, I truly wonder over these years about all of you in the Redwoods. Does the damp weather cause most of you to just become a mold-mind….as you all become sooooo DARK. I’d vote for him were I able to do so. Don’t live in the area, but I do keep up with the back stabbing, mean spirted folks up around Eureka et al. What a bunch you are, and I’d hate to be one of you before Our Creator. Examine your own self for a change. I’ve watched this man, and he has had a good deal of excellent ideals and guts beyond your ability or comprehension.

  3. Humboldt County Resident ---- In God I trust no Man

    I have to agree with the above comments. People of Mckinleyville need to get off their high horse, get a nose job (because theirs is too long and proper) and get saved! Your hearts are black with sin so that you can not see. Your entitlement minded! Because of your —(public employment) has went to your head (Jason). I have to agree with David Elsebusch on much of what he states here. I hope he wins a seat on the Board and if not– do not give up David. I too wish I could vote but do not count me out ! I may just move there just to vote you in David. Back to the Dark people of Mckinleyville. I also agree with what David said concerning Norman Shopay who lacks experience to be General Manager he has proven this in his management of his low moral employee attitudes and the poor changes that he has made since he started. What is more “Commenter” If you knew anything of United States History and its Godly foundation you would know that Bankruptcy is a Godly and might I add Biblical principal invoked by our christian forfathers as law in this nation and not to be judged or looked down on by the likes of you! Commenter Judge not that you be not judged.
    Perhaps it is you that is Not a real Public Servant. A servant in the Bible washed his fellow brothers feet. Not to be in command or to rule over people. You truely need to repent and get saved . As does many of Mckinleyville before it is too late for you!

  4. DMC

    Good luck in the elections and hopefully you folks voting will really think about WHO has been doing the digging and bringing issues to the forefront. It is YOUR money, YOUR tax dollars, and if no one is a watcher, look at how quickly it is misappropriated. Truthfully, David has been a real watcher, a real ferret, and not afraid of words which are meant to ‘silence’ him. He truly cares about the community. Do you? If you do, vote for him as he’s earned your trust.

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