Death to faxes

Why are we still using fax machines when we have email? Why waste all that paper? Why purchase expensive toner cartridges?

If you want to submit something to the McK Press, please email. If you email the Press, please don’t also fax something. Let’s put an end to this out-dated technology. Death to faxes. Thank you.
– The Management



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2 responses to “Death to faxes

  1. Julie Timmons

    At least a couple of times a month friends come over to use MY fax because they have to, especially when dealing with banks, real estate or government agencies. Faxes will be around for a while.

  2. jackdurham

    The problem with getting faxed at a newspaper is that we have to type up whatever is sent over if we want to put it in the paper. It’s so inefficient.

    So someone sits behind a computer, which in all likelihood has an internet connection. The person types up a press release. Then, rather than email the press release, the person prints it out, walks over to the fax machine and dials the McK Press.

    My fax machine spits out a piece of paper and uses up toner. I then grab the release, walk over to the computer and retype the entire release.

    Sometimes I don’t have time to retype things, Unfortunately, when that happens some releases don’t get printed.

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