UFO over McKinleyville?

McKinleyville resident and former Fifth District Supervisor candidate Daniel Pierce came into McKinleyville Press headquarters this afternoon, Aug. 19, with a video of what he claims is a UFO flying over McKinleyville.
Pierce, who lives on Park Avenue in the Calville part of town, said he first saw the mysterious object flying over town on Saturday night, Aug. 13, but didn’t have a camera with him to film it.
But it returned Sunday evening, Aug. 14 shortly after the moon came up. Pierce said he saw the object from his porch as he looked to the north.
“It moved like a dragonfly,” he said. “That’s how UFOs move.”
In Pierce’s video, what he claims is a UFO appears from 00:53 to 1:04 minutes. It looks like a round light with a reddish hue.
Pierce said he doesn’t know what the other illuminated objects are in the video, but said they’re definitely not telephone poles, light poles or wires.
Asked what he thinks the round object in the video is, Pierce said “It’s either a government machine, or the aliens are here.”
Pierce added “The aliens are here. Let’s stop ignoring it.”
Pierce plans to inform the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors of this phenomena.
What do you think?



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23 responses to “UFO over McKinleyville?

  1. I think these things are hard to film at night.

    • dbb

      one night ,we saw ,what I thought was a heli chopper flying over by Mad hospital but once we got close it wasn’t. it was strange ,to small to have a pilot but to large to be a remote controlled plane.it would disappear and reappear off and on until finally it just vanished ( or its lights would go off and in the dark it just appeared to vanish) who knows and I had not been drinking either! lol


  3. Bobby Olson

    The Blaire UFO project 😛

  4. jtimmons88

    Well, it was obviously trying to find its way to Bridgeville.

  5. Ummmm…. errrrrrr……. huh?

  6. flor

    Something has been flying around Arcata and McKinleyville at least since May… That is when I first saw something strange, many neighbors have seen it too… can’t possibly be manned the way it flies… maybe it’s a toy or a hologram… maybe it’s a government thing… maybe… other worldly… who knows… it’s unidentified… but it certainly wants to be seen… cause it flies around during the full moon, and it was all over the place on and around the 4th of July… mainly when people are looking up in the sky…!

  7. WJ

    That looks like one scary flashlight.

  8. HL

    It’s Gamera. The nuclear power leak made Gozilla cranky; so, he flew here.

  9. julie

    swamp gas????

  10. I like the soundtrack – very fitting

  11. people really need to stop smoking. how could anyone see what that was.

  12. Anonymous

    Daniel should send it to Fact or Fake: Paranormal Files. They can investigate, try to emulate it, and determine if it’s fact or fake–hense the name 🙂

  13. Anonymous

    Looks like the moon to me being filmed by someone was unsteady on their feet, maybe?

  14. jackdurham

    That evening there was a full moon in the eastern sky. It had a red hue to it. When I watch the video, it looks the moon. The movement back and forth looks like camera movement. That’s the logical explanation. On the other hand, Daniel says the camera wasn’t pointed in that direction. FYI.

  15. HL

    It’s elementary my dear Jack… He was pointing the camera at and filming the moon, but the alien mind control probes connected to his head made him skakey, and, subsequently, made him forget he, in fact, filmed the moon.

  16. Shashone nelson

    I live in roseburg oregon now. but before me nd my husband moved we used too see that kind of stuff every soo often. I so believe u caught somethin. Try goin out late right or during a full moon nd then tell me what u see. U guys should really take a trip to roswell new Mexico. You will see some crazy stuff in the sky there.

  17. Ken

    The UFO landed in Humboldt for a refill of chronic buds and it took off like a flash man……..

  18. anonymous

    Used to be able to see the Milky Way, horizon to horizon, clear as…day?…every night in McKinleyville. Up until about five or six years ago. Now there are too many street lights. Can we trade back? I’d give up the

  19. anonymous

    …new streetlights right outside my house for a better view of the stars.

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