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Front Page 8.24.11

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Power outage canceled

This morning’s planned PG&E power outage in the Trinidad area was canceled. FYI

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UFO over McKinleyville?

McKinleyville resident and former Fifth District Supervisor candidate Daniel Pierce came into McKinleyville Press headquarters this afternoon, Aug. 19, with a video of what he claims is a UFO flying over McKinleyville.
Pierce, who lives on Park Avenue in the Calville part of town, said he first saw the mysterious object flying over town on Saturday night, Aug. 13, but didn’t have a camera with him to film it.
But it returned Sunday evening, Aug. 14 shortly after the moon came up. Pierce said he saw the object from his porch as he looked to the north.
“It moved like a dragonfly,” he said. “That’s how UFOs move.”
In Pierce’s video, what he claims is a UFO appears from 00:53 to 1:04 minutes. It looks like a round light with a reddish hue.
Pierce said he doesn’t know what the other illuminated objects are in the video, but said they’re definitely not telephone poles, light poles or wires.
Asked what he thinks the round object in the video is, Pierce said “It’s either a government machine, or the aliens are here.”
Pierce added “The aliens are here. Let’s stop ignoring it.”
Pierce plans to inform the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors of this phenomena.
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Front page 8.17.11

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Horses help with beach rescue in McKinleyville

Just in from AFD:

McKinleyville Family’s Horses Assist with Beach Rescue

MCKINLEYVILLE, CA- (08/13/2011)-

A McKinleyville family of six and their two horses Sioux and Vego assisted with the rescue of a 54 year old beach goer after she slipped and injured her ankle while hiking. The injured woman was visiting the beach near the mouth of the Mad River when she slipped on the moss covered rocks and was rendered unable to walk. The patient’s friends called 911 and gave rescuers their general location, which was a remote portion of the beach. Arcata Fire Department and Arcata Mad/River Ambulance were dispatched and after searching the area discovered the injured woman on the edge of Mad River near its mouth.
Rescuers were concerned with an incoming tide because the patient was down between the river edge and a steep cliff. As they began to make arrangements with Calfire to have the patient air lifted out the Robinson & Alexander families and their two equestrian friends were summoned by firefighters and they gladly obliged. As the horses were prepared for their new task the patient was packaged for a spectacular beach ride on unstable terrain. The patient was loaded and the family assisted the rescuers lead the horses to an awaiting ambulance.

The patient was extremely grateful for the family and their horses. Although she was in a great deal of pain the rescue went off without a hitch and the woman was transported in stable condition to a local hospital.



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Arcata’s loss, McKinleyville’s gain – Cypress Grove Chevre expands in Dow’s Prairie

Just in:


Humboldt County-based Cypress Grove Chevre announced today that it has agreed on terms and entered into escrow on a 38 acre site on Dow’s Prairie Road in nearby McKinleyville.

The land is adjacent to other agricultural properties and will be home to Cypress Grove’s new goat dairy, which will supply much needed milk for the growing demand of the company’s line of award-winning goat cheese.

“I’m pleased that we found such a suitable piece of land nearby the creamery,” said Mary Keehn, founder of Cypress Grove Chevre. “The fact that it is so close to our first site makes it a little nostalgic for me,” added Keehn, referencing her original dairy, creamery and home, which was also located on Dow’s Prairie Road when she started Cypress Grove Chevre in 1983.

Substantial funding provided by Cypress Grove owner Emmi of Switzerland will enable Cypress Grove to build a modern, humane dairy by following proven best management practices. Herds will be maintained within well-ventilated and naturally lit indoor spaces while also enjoying outdoor access.

Included in the plan will be efficient manure management that meets all government regulations and allows for productive re-use as fertilizer and soil amendment. The goat herd will begin with 200 carefully selected does and is expected to grow to approximately 1200-1400 over the next 5 years.

The new dairy will create 12 living-wage, fully-benefited jobs between the McKinleyville and Arcata facilities and will help ensure Cypress Grove’s future in Humboldt County.

“We are thankful for the great number of property referrals we received from citizens”, commented Pamela Dressler, General Manager of Cypress Grove Chevre. “It’s gratifying to know that we have a lot of friends and supporters out there.” Dressler went on to thank the Arcata City Council, Humboldt County Supervisor Mark Lovelace and the community development directors of the City of Arcata and Humboldt County; Larry Oetkter and Kirk Girard respectively. “Our final decision is pending positive results from further inspections of the parcel, but timely and informative support from local government was a great help to us in refining this property search.”


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Front page 8.10.11

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