Front page 7.20.11

Here’s this week’s front page. The see all the pages, buy a copy today. You can subscribe by clicking here.

By the way, this week’s paper is Vol. 16, No. 1 and marks the paper’s 15th anniversary.


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  1. anonymous

    Bravo for the MCSD’s stance on Mckinleyville’s development future. There are enough multi-family housing units, aka apartments, being completed as we speak. In fact, it’s the only kind of development happening about town. By now, it’s very well and clear that natural resources are on the decline, locally and globally. It’s counterproductive to stretch them even further, knowing full well it means lessening the value of everybody’s permanent investment in our community the further into the future we look. Costs will go up, water will continue to disappear. The more we force ourselves to accomodate, the more polluted, expensive, regulated, and sparce our resources will be. Let’s fortify McKinleyville, rather than dilute it.

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