Exploring paradise

By Jack Durham

Last Saturday we drove north and visited Freshwater Lagoon, then headed up Bald Hills Road. Here are some photos..

We came across Roosevelt elk near Stone Lagoon.

We spotted at least six osprey at Freshwater Lagoon.

If I was a more skilled photographer, perhaps I could have captured an image of them diving into the water to catch fish, but those shots didn’t come out.

Here I am with my wife in a field of lupines near the RNSP Visitor Center at Freshwater Lagoon.

Here’s a pretty pond south of Orick.

We drove up Bald Hills Road.

It was cold and cloudy, but beautiful.

The elk at Stone Lagoon are apparently used to seeing people and don’t freak out, but that’s not the case on Bald Hills Road. This elk saw us and started running.

We came across the Tinman out in the middle of nowhere. What a trip.

We went over Bald Hills Road to Highway 169 and worked our way towards Willow Creek. This is a photo of Bluff Creek. There were lots of Bigfoots walking around, but we wanted to protect their privacy, so we didn’t take any photos.


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