Front page 5.11.11

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4 responses to “Front page 5.11.11


    Correction: The “headline is intentionally deceptive and misleading by the paper. The meeting was for the overall county budget, not exclusively for the sheriffs sub-station. Those 19 sheriff’s deputies are not needed for the overall work they really don’t do since causing problems after-the-fact is not what a first responder is trained to do. So, why the devations in character and conducts once the trainee is let loose on the streets as a deputized trouble-maker? Anyhow, there will be less sleep deprivation in town since sirens early am do nothing but create a public nuisance!

    In fact, yet again, it is mostly senior citizens who really have no idea what kind of abuses are occuring by first responders. In fact, it is the servicing mentality by many old folks whom care less about reality, but want to “feel” safe. Guess what, for all the erroneous service calls, one would think the taxpayers would want that erroneous caller to pay for the tax dollars expended for erroneous servicings.

    As far as tax increases, yet again the advice from an elderly person or two who obviously want pampering services to be paid by others to subsidize the erroneous calls made ever so often for that pampering service. Yes, many old folks have confided to me their thoughts about age and the fact that this is how old people work the system because they are older and care less about the consequences since their nearer to death.; and, government officials still abuse the voting power of the country by tainting the needs for the elderly and stealing their votes for false promises. For all the elderly folks, now is a good time to re-collect your thoughts and consider your past voting decisions to really understand whether you ever were really serviced then, if only to be asked now or to suggest to pay more “new” taxes for more to maintain something that has no guarantee to service the elderly any more than right now. Hey, maybe the seniors can suck it up in the gut too since they have lived longer and kept wrecklessly voting for the buffoons who ruined this country…………. by no less lies.

    Further, enough people present at the meeting were people on the block in so far as losing their job or taking a pay-cut. Obviously, the people present did not represent the “full community”. Additionally, when the MCP was deliberated, one of the main “negative” factors during the “process to approve the MCP”

    was that

    Funding the sheriff’s department was a problem admitted during the ratification process…thus, the MCP was adopted anyhow. So, which citizens at that meeting were also citizens present during the MCP process? Did they just not listen or read…….kinda like how so many elderly folks vote…….

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District

  2. jackdurham

    The headline is fine. Pampering is good.

  3. AJ

    Anyhow…. I like seeing the totem pole in the nameplate. In October, can we see it replaced by the 76 Ball jack-o-lantern?

  4. jackdurham

    Actually, that’s a great idea. I can also do what Google does – decorate the logo for holidays, etc. I’ll try slapping a cowboy hat on the totem pole for Pony Days.

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