Paging Richard Salzman. Paging Richard Salzman

Please return my emails. I want to know why you consider it appropriate to attack people anonymously on local blogs. As a political consultant who has worked for the District Attorney and other candidates, shouldn’t you be held to a higher standard? At the very least, you should use your actual name when attacking people. Haven’t you learned anything from the past? Please get back to me ASAP.
Jack Durham
McKinleyville Press



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16 responses to “Paging Richard Salzman. Paging Richard Salzman

  1. Careful – he will file a police report against you.

  2. Random Guy

    Meh. On the web of wide worlds, who cares about how people use their anonymity. It’s one of the (only) good things the internet has going for it. If anything, force everybody’s web ID to identify the last piece of porn they looked at for the world to see. That’d make things interesting. Phony letters to the editor are sleazy though. And the most disgusting of all is hiring a multi-million dollar PR firm to push your agenda. That guarantees careful public manipulation over a long period of time. Not conspiracy theory but conspiracy…that’s what they do.

  3. jackdurham

    Richard still hasn’t responded. I’m getting concerned. Is he OK?

  4. jackdurham

    I left Richard a phone message. Hopefully he’ll call back and clear things up for us.

  5. Rose

    Predatory Litigious Org!

    Predatory Litigious Org!

    Predatory Litigious Org!

  6. jackdurham

    If you would like to use your real name, and confirm with me that you’re a real person, then I may allow you to post slime here. You can call or email me. Then you can get your slime on. – Jack

  7. Dave

    Good luck with Daniel…can you say troll?

  8. Hey, would you please post the IP address of that commenter above at 2:39.

    Looks like Salzman is impersonating people again. (It is not me)

  9. Daniel mimicking Rose

    Oh, come on, it’s Rose’s rallying cry

    Everybody sing…

    “Predatory Litigious Org!

    Predatory Litigious Org!

    Predatory Litigious Org!”

  10. We’re between elections. Poor Richard doesn’t have anything to do but sit around counting his enemies list. he’s gotta be sliming someone or he is not happy, and he’s stuck in 2003.

    Candidates who have accepted his help thinking “he’s not so bad” better pay attention – there’s a price to be paid if you step out of line. Don’t do what you’re told? Think for yourself? Not on his watch.

  11. I would use the term “perceived enemies.” Richard and I might agree on a number of issues. The funny thing is that you (Rose) and I would probably disagree on many, many more issues, being that our politics are so different. But we don’t slime each other. We just agree to disagree.

  12. Kevin Hoover

    Salzman’s ostensible beliefs are admirable. It’s just that he acts counter to them with his beastly, sneaky behavior. So you have to wonder what he, the candidates who pay him and his political tribe really believe in other than winning the game.

  13. Anonymous

    Kevin: You have hit it correctly. It does make you wonder what his political tribe is thinking. He sure circled the bandwagons for Gallegos this last election, and he tried to give advice to candidates at the City level. Is he with Local Solutions? EPIC? NEC? Local Democrats? Baykeepers? I am sure he is involved at many levels.

  14. His involvement in local politics has been destructive, and the damage can be seen on many levels, not the least of which is that an ordinary person can no longer run. He has caused races to become unbelievably expensive, and has resulted in many good people becoming discouraged from running – and that doesn’t even count the ones he has browbeat out of running because they might interfere with his “progressive” stratagems.

    One thing that is killing him now is that the Times-Standard’s new commenting system requires a name/Facebook account, and his ability to spread his poison has been significantly impacted.

  15. jackdurham

    I’ll say something nice about Richard – he’s not a psychopath. He clearly knows the difference between right and wrong.

    When he makes appropriate comments, and engages in political discourse, he uses his real name just like the rest of us. Why? Because he has nothing to be ashamed about, whether you agree with his opinions or not.

    He hides behind the veil of anonymity when he makes comments that he knows are inappropriate. These are comments that he doesn’t want his name attached to. He’s knows it’s wrong, but mistakenly believes that his slime jobs advance his cause.

    Of course, he doesn’t care what we think. You’re either for him or against him. It’s good and evil. There’s no sense of reaching out and working with his fellow community members to find common ground.

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