Animal Shelter is filling up and needs to find homes for these fuzzy fellows

By Jean Durbin
Animal Shelter Correspondent

Some of the dogs featured here are former Humboldt County Shelter dogs that are now under the care of the two local volunteers who are working under the auspices of Bones Pet Rescue. Contact for this group is Jean Durbin, (707) 839-3148. Most of our dogs can be seen on the Bones Pet Rescue website or on the private adoptions link for the Sequoia Humane Society All other animals are at the County Shelter. The Shelter is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; it is closed Saturday and Sunday and is located at 980 Lycoming Avenue, between Airport Road and the Coast Guard Station in McKinleyville. Phone 840-9132. All County Shelter animals can be seen on the web at,, and

This sweet boy, who’s still just a teenager (15 months old) has gotten short shrift in his brief life. Stray to the County Shelter 4 months ago, his shy personality did not fare well in the stressful, lonely shelter environment and last week he became a ‘rescue dog’. To save his life, we local Bones Pet Rescue volunteers want to see to his safety and a good forever home. But, we need to move Chad out of the shelter as soon as possible. Chad is a personable boy, very polite and gentle, and loves to play. He is a mix of Tennessee Treeing Brindle Hound and pit bull terrier. We are looking for a quiet foster or adoptive home where he can have the patience, understanding and loving direction that will allow him to be the fine fellow we know he is. Call Jean at 707-839-3148 for more information about adopting or fostering Chad.

TIMBER: Please help Timber get into a great new home soon! He has been here SO long (8 months now, except
for a 2 week adoption where he was expected to be perfect). is is a sad, all too typical story: abandoned by owner who
Timber loved and relied on; stint in a shelter; failed adoption (another change); back to the shelter. Being adult, black and a Pit Bull Terrier doesn’t add to his chances. Timber is very vulnerable to being euthanized if the shelter gets too full. He’s a handsome, gentle 3 year old boy who will thrive with someone who makes him an important family member. He loves people and is eager to please. He gets along great with other dogs, is house-trained and loves to play with rope toys. Please help Timber have the chance he deserves to have a wonderful life! He will love you more than you can imagine!

ADOPT HAPPY, LOVE-BUG FAITH! What a cuddly lover girl this pretty, young adult is! She loves to play, loves people and other dogs. Her favorite things are to be playing with and being with her humans. If you’re looking for a younger adult dog who has a zest for life, is happy, outgoing, friendly and great with kids and other pets, meet Faith! Her previous owners, who had to move and couldn’t keep her, say she got along great with the kids in the family (ages 4 to 17), the family’s other dogs, cats and chickens. To meet this beautiful sweetheart, adoptable through Bones Pet Rescue, call Stacie at 707-825-0455 or Jean at 707-839-3148. She is being fostered locally.

RAYA: This sweet, pretty golden girl is just a love and can’t wait to shower her human friend with hugs and kisses. Raya has paid her dues and is ready for a forever home where she is loved and given lots of coziness and attention. Raya had her ears cut off without benefit of anesthesia and was also starving when she arrived here. But still she remains a happy girl who just longs to love and be loved. She is about 4 years old and a ‘just right’ size. Raya loves to romp and run; she’s responsive and loves learning new things. If you’d like to help Raya discover that humans can be kind, come meet her!

ADOPT HAPPY, ‘MARSHMALLOW’ THOR: A young adult boy who is content, friendly, cuddly and sweet. He came to us needing to have surgery for his turned in, very irritating, eyelids and treatment for heartworms. All have been taken care of and he’s in excellent health. Thor loves people and loves to play. He rides well in the car, will tolerate a crate, is responsive and eager to please. Only about 2 years old, this 70 pound bundle of love wants only to have a faithful, caring human buddy to spend his life with. Thor is in a foster home in Eureka and has gotten an outstanding rating from his humans and the 2 resident dogs. He’s a neutered American Bulldog mix and up to date on vaccinations. Call Jean at 707-839-3148 to meet this great dog! He is adoptable through Bones Pet Rescue.

SLIM: Poor Slim…he was very emaciated when he came to the shelter 3 weeks ago after being found in Ferndale. We don’t know his story but we are glad he was found before he died. He’s a very friendly boy who likes to be with people. He wants to find a new human pal who wants to give him a good life and be his best friend. Now with added weight, he’s a very handsome young man of about 4 years. Slim is a typical Walker Hound: he wants to be busy, is very affectionate, needs room to explore and run. Hound lovers shouldn’t wait too long to meet him!

MELLOW KITTIES: ROXANNE, NUTMEG, JANE These three girls love to hang around the house…on the sofa, in a chair, or on a sunny window sill, or by the fire….anywhere cozy and comfy. They are gentle and like being around people.
Pretty, sweet and kind of shy, tuxedo girl Roxanne is about a year old and would really like a cozy, loving new home; she has been here for a very long time. Quiet, lovely Nutmeg is in her golden years and has a tuxedo patterned calico coat and gets along great with other cats; and Jane, black & white and with a cute pink nose, is about 7 years old; she is a bit independent, loves to eat!


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One response to “Animal Shelter is filling up and needs to find homes for these fuzzy fellows

  1. Julie Timmons

    The animals always suffer during a recession. Please consider opening your home and heart to one of these deserving creatures. My (shelter) dog is getting old and I can’t handle more than one,but whenever my LouLou passes, I know where I’ll be going for my next dog.

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