Alternatives to Highway 101 (From County Roads Dept.)

From Humboldt County Roads:

Highway 101 between the Avenue of the Giants Exit at Silvendale and the Redway Exit at Dean Creek Exit has been closed due to a slide. The local roads around this area are not an option for travelers. The roads to the west, Briceland/Thorne Road, Wilder Ridge, and Mattole Road have all experienced damage in the recent storms. To the East, the Alderpoint Road has also had storm damage. The Dyerville Road has experienced heavy snow fall, it has been plowed but there is still snow on the road and it one lane in many places. These rural roads can not handle a large volume of traffic or use by heavy vehicles. For the public’s safety Humboldt County Public Works Department is recommending Highways 299, 5, and 20.


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