Sneak Peek at 3.23.11 issue

This photo is titled “Wingman.”

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Here’s just some of what’s in this week’s paper:

• McKinleyville moves toward local control. That’s right – McKinleyville may take control of its own land use planning. It may also throw a monkey wrench into the county’s General Plan update.

• Measure B passes. This is a big deal. It means that McKinleyville has money to continue operating its Parks & Recreation Department for the next 20 years. It also means that the town can buy land for new parks, build a teen center, etc.

• Seems like everyone agrees that one of the biggest threats to Snowy Plovers are ravens and crows. So how does a plastic fence at Clam Beach protect plovers? And how come nothing is being done to control the plover’s main predators. This gets discussed in this week’s paper.

• Nonagenarians honored at McK Sr. Center.

• Federal and state agencies want more input when it comes to the issuing of permits by the county.

• It’s baaccckkkkkk! Code Enforcement.

• Special meeting Wednesday to discuss parks in McKinleyville.

• Al and Sarie Toste receive the McK Chamber’s annual Azalea Award. (A very deserving couple indeed – Jack)

• Gardening Inspiration with John Frederick. Also, there’s a big sale at Miller Farms and there are guest speakers.

• Hank Sims, formerly the “Town Dandy” in the North Coast Journal, opines about railroads and trails in his new column “Lost Coast Outpost.”

• Stop the presses! Local gadfly David Elsebusch loves the VA’s form of socialized medicine. Seriously. He’s used the system and raves about it. He makes a good case for it.

• Geoff Spenceley writes about modern-day McCarthyism, and the bad old days when he experienced McCarthyism.

• As usual, we have a crossword puzzle.

• Take a hike with the Sierra Club

• “Meet the Authors” even in Trinidad on Saturday.

• Supervisor Sundberg to hold town hall meeting for folks in the Westhaven/Trinidad area.

• There’s a really cute dog named Max who needs to be adopted.

• The Sheriff’s Log features your typical troublemakers, idiots, etc.

There’s much more in this week’s paper, so check it out.

Also, you can now buy McKinleyville Totem Pole postcards by clicking here. These are really cool!


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