Measure B passes in McKinleyville

This was submitted by the MCSD. We’ll have more details in the coming edition.

From the MCSD:

The results are in for Measure B, McKinleyville’s local measure for parks and recreation maintenance. With a total of 2,297 valid ballots cast, 1,411 in favor and 886 against, Measure B passed by significant margins. Ballots are weighted according to individual property assessments, and Measure B, received 55% of the weighted vote, well over the 50% needed.

“We want to thank our property owners for participating in this important election,” said McKinleyville Community Services District General Manager Norman Shopay. “Funds from our current Measure B, which is set to expire next year, account for over 25% of our overall yearly maintenance budget,” Shopay continued. “It would have been impossible to continue maintenance of our parks, recreation facilities and trails at current levels without renewing Measure B funds.”

The District Board called the election for the Measure B renewal only after extensive review, including comprehensive discussions with community members, students, and the completion of an Engineer’s Report that details the maintenance needs for the District.

“It is clear to us from these results that our community continues to place a high priority on the need for local parks and recreation facilities,” said Helen Edwards, McKinleyville Community Services District Board President, “We look forward to continuing to provide these quality services for years to come.”

Jeff Driver, former Chairperson of the Recreation Advisory Committee (RAC) stated, “After being on RAC for 15 years and almost from the beginning of the original Measure B, the track record the Parks and Recreation Department has had from the beginning of Measure B is a good indication of where we’re going in the future, and the McKinleyville citizens spoke loudly in favor of the passage.”

The passage of Measure B means that the District will be able to continue to maintain local parks, recreation facilities, trails and open space areas at current levels into the future.

“We are pleased that there will be no interruption in services, and people can remain confident that park restrooms will remain open and the grass mowed,” said Jason Sehon, Director of Parks and Recreation. “In addition, based on community feedback, we have already opened planning discussions for the new teen/family center.”

An all school assembly, to facilitate student feedback, is currently in the works. “As a teen/family center, we think it is critical to include our local students in this process from the beginning,” Sehon said. These discussions will be ongoing and there will be opportunities for the entire community to weigh in.

“The parks and recreation facilities that we oversee are entirely for the community’s use and enjoyment,” General Manager Shopay added. “As such, it is critical to us that we work hand-in-hand with our community moving forward. We want to hear from you!”

Detailed ballot results will be available for public review at the MCSD office (1656 Sutter Road) shortly.


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One response to “Measure B passes in McKinleyville

  1. Voter

    Fantastic news! Thanks to Norman Shopay and everyone else at MCSD for doing such a great job informing the public about the importance of Measure B.

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