Sneak Peek at the 3.16.11 edition

Sneak Peek

We have so much news this week that we printed extra pages, something that we rarely do. And even then, we had some material that didn’t make it in.

To read the paper, go out and buy a copy or, better yet, subscribe.

Here’s a run down of some of the stuff in this week’s edition:

• Tsunami, tsunami, tsunami! We have full coverage of what happened in McKinleyville and Trinidad, with lots of aerial photos.

• Teachers get pink slips and protest.

•  McKinleyville High student Flora Barbash writes about how students are organizing and protesting against NHUHSD budget cuts.

• The seaside village of Trinidad gets a new city manager.

• The McKinleyville Community Services District Board of Directors will discuss creating a special planning committee at Wednesday’s meeting. The committee would study how McKinleyville can take greater control of land use planning.

• Big Lagoon breached last week, and we have photos.

• The Planning Commission discussed “big boxes.”

• A trail in Trinidad needs repairs, and the city has a grant to carry out some of the work. But a property owner in town is holding up the project because she wants to improve the view from her property. Sad.

• Two county supervisors want are trying to get on the Coastal Commission.

• McKinleyville Art Night is Friday, and we have a preview.

• Hank Sims new column “Lost Coast Outpost” debuts on the opinion page. Hank ponders the consequences of marijuana prices dropping to $1,000 a pound.

• Andrew I. Jones writes about a special evening at Morris School.

• Protesters serenade supervisors.

• Horizon Air cancels service.

• Trinidad Library reopens in new location.

There’s much more in this week’s edition, so buy a copy today.


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