Crescent City Fact Sheet

From the Coast Guard:
DATE: March 13, 2011 12:21:56 PM PDT

Crescent City Tsunami Fact Sheet #2

Location: Crescent City Inner Basin Harbor, Crescent City, CA

Cause: Tsunami following 8.9 earthquake in Japan

• 47 vessels afloat but with some level of damage
• 11 sunken vessels
• 1 vessel grounded at mouth of Elk River
• Large debris including rocks, logs, and vessel debris scattered
about inner harbor and shore
• Navigable waters status unknown
• Significant damage to moorings and docks

Closures or restrictions:
• Harbor access restricted for public safety
• Harbor closed to all personnel at night, from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.
until further notice.
• To prevent crabs and other seafoods from being contaminated and
unmarketable, commercial fisherman are
advised of the following protocol:
o Commercial vessels are advised to not run circulation
pumps as they approach Crescent City Boat Harbor or within
Crescent City Boat Harbor
o Do not pull crab pots or other traps up through water if
a visible sheen is present

Harbor operations: Boat owners encouraged to call in with boat
information. Call into Harbor Master.

Wildlife: No observed wildlife impacts at this time. Assessment will

Crews deployed: US Coast Guard, California Fish and Game, Harbor
District Personnel, Army Corps of Engineers, oil spill response

On water operations currently suspended due to significant
weather issues

Information numbers:
• Crescent City Harbor boat owners contact 707-464-6174 ext. 22
• Report oil 1-800-852-7550
• Report Injured Wildlife 1-877-823-6929

USCG District 11
US Coast Guard Northern California News
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