17 vessels sunk/damaged in Crescent City

From the U.S. Coast Guard:


Location: Crescent City Inner Basin Harbor, Crescent City, CA

Cause: Tsunami following 8.9 earthquake in Japan


* 17 vessels afloat, appear sound but need inspection to verify
* 17 vessels damaged/obviously sunk
* 9 vessels adrift or unknown
* Several sunken vessels in harbor, exact locations unknown
* Large debris including rocks, logs, and vessel debris scattered about inner harbor and shore
* Riprap and harbor protection compromised
* Navigable waters status unknown

Closures or restrictions: Harbor access restricted for public safety. The harbor will be closed to the public from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Wildlife: No impacted wildlife at this time, crews continue to monitor for them

Crews deployed: Coast Guard, California Fish and Game, Harbor District Personnel

Information numbers:

Crescent City Harbor boat owners contact (707) 464-6174 ext. 22
Media contact (916) 952-3317 or (510) 289-5794


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  1. AJ

    These are the two best resources I’ve seen for getting a feel of the devastation in Japan:

    Before and after photos with a slider bar.

    HD helicopter footage of the tsunami pouring over land. Click the four-arrows icon to make it full-screen.

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