Yet another Mad River tsunami video



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6 responses to “Yet another Mad River tsunami video

  1. Pam Sowerwine

    As someone who knows the true power of the ocean, its ability to take a life in an instant, and to irretrievably alter the lives of survivors, I am shaking my head with dismay. Wow! May God keep everyone safe that chooses to observe incredibly dangerous situations.

  2. Anonymous

    Someone brought their children to a tsunami?!

    • jeanne

      How could anyone be so dumb, especially with little kids! All that water could have cut into that bank, and all of them could be gone in an instant! Idiots!

      • Random Guy

        And the wind could have blown clouds of sand into the childrens’ throat and they could have choked to death, and a mob of frightened seals with strange ocean diseases could have rushed the beach in a fury and trampled everybody, and an airplane could have crashed onto the kids?!?! What idiot in their right mind exposes their kids to the environment these days!??!?!?!?

        That’d be super fun to boogie board.

  3. Anonymous

    oh, man. I wish I were this stupid. It looks fun.

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