Crescent City Tsunami Video



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4 responses to “Crescent City Tsunami Video

  1. Doug

    What’s all that noise? Sounds like a dentist drill. This could be the most annoying video I have ever seen. Keep waiting for video of the wave, but there is no wave.

  2. jackdurham

    The sound you’re hearing is the tsunami siren, but speeded up. Yes, very annoying. You’re not going to see what we think of as a wave. Instead, it’s like rising tidal waters. (That may not be the best terminology.)

    As I noted in an earlier posting, watching the tsunami was like watching a tide cycle taking place every 10 to 15 minutes.
    – Jack

  3. Kerry

    This is a GREAT video! Showing it sped up was a smart way to do it (and it was obvious to us what the noise was). It really shows how the tsunami works and how it does its damage – even 14,000(?) miles away from the original event. It also did a great job of demonstrating how that “whirlpool” effect is created. Doing it in a location with some fixed objects made it easy to see the “wave”. Since the recording ended just as the next “wave” was being sucked out at an apparently even greater distance and speed than the first two I am presuming your team finally recognized that the next one might not be so gentle and hightailed it out of there? I’m presuming your team was more fortunate that the other guys who tried doing this and were pulled out to sea. Loved the little company plug at the end LOL. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Guy

    Great stuff – really interesting to watch. Especially the boat that got lose while still tied to the jetty, and both boat and jetty sloshing in and out of the main channel. Thanks for posting it.

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