We want YOU to ‘Like’ us on Facebook

Seriously. We really want you to like us on Facebook. If you do so, you’ll receive news updates and other good stuff. You can also chat with us. It’s all good fun.

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2 responses to “We want YOU to ‘Like’ us on Facebook

  1. AJ

    I ‘liked’ the newspaper several weeks ago, but it’s starting to feel like unrequited love. While the confines of Facebook prevent the newspaper entity from liking me in return, the editorial staff could certainly ‘friend’ me. Is this a one-way relationship, Jack? Am I nothing to you? What’s wrong me?

  2. Julie Timmons

    What’s wrong you? He’s a cold-hearted editor who insists on prepositions.
    Jack, you’ve worn me down. I had to give up the Financial Times so my replacement will be the McKinleyville Press. Gotta admire your tenacity.
    Check is on the way (really).

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