It’s going to be a dandy of a column!

Veteran newspaperman, pot-stirrer and former North Coast Journal Editor Hank Simms is hunched over his keyboard right now coming up with a doozy of a column for next week’s paper. Will he tell all? Reveal any secrets? Will his opinions and observations make you cheer? Or will subscribers cancel en masse?

Make sure you buy a copy of the March 16 edition. Or better yet, subscribe.



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6 responses to “It’s going to be a dandy of a column!

  1. Andrew Bird

    Will it be called The Town Dandy? Will the subject matter(s) be just McKinleyville/Trinidad focused or the county at large?

  2. Andrew Bird

    Will it be called the The Town Dandy? Will it be just McKinleyville north focused, or will he write about everything happening in the county?

  3. jackdurham

    Being a true newspaperman, Hank is waiting until the last minute for a column name. It will be a county wide column.

  4. Velvet Coat

    Hank Sims still doing meth, huh Frank. Scum is all you are.

  5. jackdurham

    Who the hell is Frank?

  6. Random Guy

    “Dark days ahead” indeed…for everybody, economically speaking, regardless of their profession. I hear real estate moguls are watching the value of their commodities (the places our families call home) plummet as well. So…look what they’re doing in Humboldt. Wrangle weed, hype real estate. Commercial, residential, industrial…just like the pot growers wanna unload their pounds, they wanna start laying foundations. The more spartan the barracks…er…homes, the more profitable.

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