Assault with a deadly weapon in Hoopa

Raw press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Dept.:

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a Hoopa man Friday night after he fired a shot at them. At about 5 p.m. deputies received a report that an assault had taken place at a residence near Hoopa. The reporting party told deputies that a man at the residence had been struck in the head with an ax and he was seriously injured. Deputies also learned that the victim may be in possession of a firearm. Deputies responded to the residence to check on the welfare of the resident; medical personnel staged nearby. Deputies attempted to make contact the man they believed to be injured. For about 10 minutes deputies attempted to contact anybody inside the home. Due to the exigent circumstances to check on victim’s safety, deputies attempted to enter the house. While standing near the porch, deputies heard the sound of a gunshot and saw a bullet hole in the side of the residence. The hole was about two feet above the head of one deputy. After several more minutes a man emerged from the house. The man, Virgil Blake, 62, was the only person inside the residence and was the man who was reported to be the victim of the assault. Blake, however, had no injuries. Deputies located a handgun inside the residence.

Deputies arrested Blake and booked him into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for assault with a deadly weapon, being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, and illegal possession of ammunition. Blake is scheduled to be arraigned by Wednesday.


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