Coast Guard rescue

Click on thisCoast Guard video to see the man hoisted.

From the USCG:

An aircrew from Coast Guard Group/ Air Station Humboldt Bay hoisted a 52-year-old man 10 miles off shore of the Klamath River and transferred him to awaiting ambulances at Cresecnt City Airport today, March 6.
At 6:40 a.m., the Coast Guard received a call from the fishing vessel Chealsea, home port of San Francisco, reporting a crewmember in need of medical assistance. A Coast Guard MH-65C Dolphin helicopter aircrew was launched to the ship’s approximate location 10 miles west of the mouth of the Klamath River.
Although the fishing vessel was equipped with a global positioning system, the helicopter crew reported that the mariners were unable to pass their exact latitude and longitude over the radio.
On scene fog complicated the search, but the Coast Guard aircrew was able to locate the vessel through the use of surface search radar and direction finding equipment, even without an exact position.
A rescue swimmer was deployed from the helicopter and assisted the 52-year-old man into the rescue basket. The vessel’s master and one crewmember remained with the ship.
After departing the scene, the helicopter crew rushed to Crescent City Airport where Sutter Coast Hospital EMTs were standing by for transport. He is reported to be in stable condition.
The Coast Guard recommends that all mariners be proficient in using their on-board navigational equipment and have the ability to pass their precise location to search and rescue crews.


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